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We found a home

Here at Good Life Dog Rescue we always aim to match the right dog with the right people! Many dogs that come into our care not only go on to find a forever home but become the love of their owners life.

Please see just some of our 'Happy Ever After stories' below. Offering a rescue dog a forever home is not only a rewarding feeling for the adopters but helps Good Life Dog Rescue more determined to help the dogs in need that are waiting at local Stray Kennels.

Thank you to all adopters and people willing to give these animals not only a new start to life but helping us to continue to save more dogs in the future.

Rocco Gorgeous Staffy cross

Rocco came into Good Life care from the stray kennels. Only 10 months old and already looking for a new start to a very young life. We adored him and he adored everyone and every dog or cat he met. He was one very loving and happy little lad. Despite being homeless and only a puppy Rocco coped very well with kennels. He managed to go for a walk every day and gathered many empty pop bottles, sticks and whatever else he could find on his outside adventure. He was full of fun and love for all who crossed his path.

We would like to say it wasn't long before he was snapped up but sadly we searched for many months to find Rocco a home. He was constantly overlooked until he was spotted by a very very special couple. He now lives with his mum and dad Sue and Steve Arthur and 100% found his perfect Staffy dwelling. Having owned many Staffies all their lives, they had the experience and knowledge of his breed and could offer guidance, boundaries and much needed love. Being a high energy babe he goes on very long walks, runs and often goes to work with Steve. Apparently despite his marathon walks he still manages to have a very daft half hour every night.

Rocco now lives with a cat and could not be happier. He has well and truly settled and could not be more loved! Homeless to happy at last.

 Curley Shirley (Now Pipa)
Heidi Wright. Very sweet Staffy

Heidi came into our care as always from the stray kennels. Just another Brindle Stafford. With so much love to give yet nobody to give it to she longed for a home. Sadly Brindle Staffies are always overlooked but of course not by The Wright family and their wonderful Mum Jules. On the meet and greet they fell in love with Maisie now Heidi and it wasn't long before she was curled up in front of the fire with her family and her two new doggy chums. One being Clifford whom Heidi soon became very fond of. Well all dog friendly Staffies love a happy JR goes without saying.

Although it sounds very rose tinted glasses Heidi now lives on a farm with the wright family. She has lots of company and is not often left alone so a happy lady is this wonderful dog. Thank you to fabulous adopters the Wright family and seeing more in this lovely dog ' ALWAYS MORE THAN JUST ANOTHER BRINDLE STAFFY'

Staffies make very loving and wonderful family dogs. They are a reliable breed of dog. Misconception, bad press and over breeding has seen many Staffords homeless and at stray kennels. Good Life Dog Rescue are dedicated to helping stray and abandoned dogs. We always have a large number of Staffies in our care looking for the loving forever home they deserve.

Herburt - Irish Wolf Hound cross

Herburt was an Irish Wolf Hound cross who on arrival into our care was nervous of his own shadow. Just a babe of 9 months, very nervous and already having to find himself a new home. Everyone adored Herburt from the day of arrival. He was handsome, very loving and gentle but very unsure. It was very clear to us very quickly that Herb had suffered and been hit by his previous owner. A raised hand and Herb would cower.

As the days went on Herburt soon realised that not every human meant him harm and soon started to love his walks and his walker Trevor. Maybe life wasn't as bad as he though at all. We took some fabulous photos of Herb in all his handsome glory and it was only a matter of time before his new family fell madly in love.

Herb now lives with Jac Hagatta and her family who have their very own rescue of pigs in crisis. 'PIGS IN THE WOOD' Herb has the full run of a 10 acre wood and as well as gaining confidence he has gained a fab family and a new adopted Jack Russell sister, not to mention lots of rescue pigs. Days could not be better now for this wonderful handsome Irish Wolf Hound cross breed as he frolics and lives a wonderful life.

Many of our dogs go from rags to riches and from a terrible existence to a wonderful life. We could not be happier that Jac and her family fell in love with this big lump of dog. Big thank you's to all adopters.

Annie - Home at last
This beautiful young Staffy cross was abandoned by her owner and left in the stray kennels with a very swollen belly, underweight and very very poorly. She was rushed for urgent and immediate surgery by our rescue after very upsetting and distressing concern for her welfare. Annie had suffered a pyometra. Pyometra is a secondary infection in the uterus and is considered a serious and life threatening condition that must be treated quickly. A fabulous vet performed life saving surgery on Annie who would of lost her life otherwise. It was very upsetting for all concerned and touch and go whether this beautiful dog would make it through. Annie struggled to recover from her operation and had to be syringe fed to keep her alive. We thought we would lose her but she made a brilliant recovery thanks to a dedicated team of foster people and support from The Hollows in Sheffield.
Annie is an amazing, extremely loving and friendly dog. She loves attention and when she had fully recovered from her ordeal there were lots of people interested in her. She loves everyone so became a firm fave with everyone who met her. Annie fell in love with everyone at the kennels especially Dot who owns the Hollows and help saved Annie's life. Annie was syringe fed until she turned the corner. Without Dot and her staff Annie would not of made it through her horrific ordeal and be here today. This adorable, super affectionate lady is now living her dream life with a wonderful couple in Sheffield. Having lost their rescue dog they instantly fell in love with Annie. We all loved this girl and she has left a huge hole in all our hearts but we are so elated to see her being loved and living a life of home comforts. She now has trips to the seaside and is so spoiled. We could not of wished for a better ending to such a sad story.
Our rescue is funded by our own employment and fundraising and we often struggle with large vet bills. We always try to be there to help the strays needing veterinary operations and care and immediate rescue. If you can help us in any way please contact us today for an informal chat about the work we do to help Yorkshire strays. we are passionate and dedicated to helping the dogs in need.
Daisy - Adorable American Bull Dog

Daisy came into Good Life care from the stray kennels very underweight and with poorly skin. She was amazing. Very loving and very very friendly and only one year old. She was full of tail wags and smiles and walked like a dream. Daisy also loved other dogs and was a joy in the company of other hounds. Sadly kennels were stressful for young Daisy and she used to lead bite through frustration. Although we worked with her it was a task in itself to get her to stop initially. Everyone at the kennels and Good Life adored her despite this. Daisy was treated by Good Life for her skin and soon started to put on much needed weight at last.

Daisy was spotted on our website by a wonderful couple called Dale and Amanda. Having lost their old American Bulldog they came to meet Daisy. It was love at first sight on all sides. Having passed a great home check and living in a rural location with rolling hills Daisy was soon on her way to a happy life and new vocation.

Daisy now has lots of company as Dale works from home and I am told by Amanda that she also has taken to sleeping on the bed. Hogging the limelight now as well as the guilt. Our beautiful American Bulldog now goes walking and exploring in the hills and countryside and is loving her new life and comforts with mum and dad. They adore her and it has been said that it feels like she as always lived there and been part of the family.

We appeal for homes for our rescue dogs. And we appreciate all our adopters who have helped us to continue our work in helping stray dogs in need.

Good Life dog rescue
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