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Good Life Adoption Process
How much does it cost to adopt a Good Life Dog Rescue Dog?

Our rehoming fee is £300. Our adoption fee includes full vaccinations and a health check, a lead and collar, microchipping and treatments for flea and worming. This also includes the full cost of neutering for males and half the cost of neutering for females. Due to very high veterinary bills we ask people to remain under our local vets for the spaying surgery of our female dogs. If you are unable to do so we will ask people to pay the difference in cost to half of spaying surgery. Advice is also given by ourselves and we remain here to offer help and support once you have adopted the dog should you need it. For any more details on the adoption process please call 07843 151819 to discuss further. Please read the details below for our adoption procedure.

Please ensure careful consideration has been given prior adoption

Please make sure that you have given considerable thought to the lifetime commitment of owning a pet prior to undergoing any of the below procedures. Veterinary bills are costly and owning a dog is very time consuming. Dogs need dedicated time and care and it is a huge responsibility and lifetime commitment for you and the dog.

Four steps to rehome a Good Life rescue dog
Step One: Visit the adoption page and read the dogs profile details

Before we can match a dog with you you will need to visit our adoptions page and read the details on all our dogs. Each dog has a profile page with details on their temperament and the sort of homes they are looking for. Once you have read the information and find the dog that best matches you and your lifestyle then click on the adopt me button and fill in an application form. If you are unable to fill in the application form please email us with details about yourself to We will then come back to you.

Step Two: Speak to us at Good Life

Having filled in an application we will come back to you at Good Life via a telephone call.  We will potentially need a few more specific points with you regarding your preferences and the dog you are interested in. We will work hard to acknowledge your application even if we feel the dog applied for does not match your lifestyle and criteria.

Step Three: You will be invited to meet the rescue dog

Having spoken to us regarding the dog and having collated more details about you will be invited to come and meet the dog at our kennels. Please note the kennels we use is not owned by our charity and we pay to board here and use the facilities. You will now be able to spend time with the dog and take the dog on a walk accompanied initially with a member of Good Life. On return you can also spend time with the dog off lead in an enclosure. Getting to know the dog and them you is an essential part of the rehoming procedure and finding a perfect match.

Step Four: Further visits if needed and videos of your property

It may be depending on the dogs temperament that a further visit is needed. Any dogs that need extra time and TLC with potential owners is essential to create a bond. If further visits are not needed then we will collate more details from you and you us regarding pet advice and details on the individual need of that dog. The next stage is for our charity to require a video of your garden and property. Vet references during Covid have also been provided from your pets previous veterinary practice. Due to Covid situation we have been unable to visit peoples homes due to social distancing measures. Other procedures are in place to ensure the dogs adoption as paramount.

Please ensure your commitment to adoption of rescue dogs

Please ensure that you have given serious thought to adopting and are committed to working with your adopted dog prior to getting in touch. Many rescue dogs have suffered trauma, a difficult life of abuse and neglect. Many have struggled in life. All rescue dogs need time to adjust in a new home with new people. They can often feel bewildered and anxious just like humans in a new environment. Some rescue dogs can settle immediately or this can take time to adjust. A settling in period is essential and serious thought needs to be given prior to adoption. Rescue dogs can take anything from four to five weeks to feel secure and less anxious. Please ensure you have given essential thought to adoption. We work hard to match humans and hounds so a happy life can be enjoyed by both.


Although it is essential that our rescue dogs back into our care we feel that animals that are returned are even more broken and distressed at losing a home for the second time. Please ensure you are committed for a rescue dogs lifetime commitment prior to adoption. Thank you.

Good Life dog rescue
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