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Good Life Dog Rescue always has plenty of news. As passionate animal lovers we are dedicated to helping stray and abandoned dogs every week. The welfare of the dogs and their future fuels our enthusisam to help the dogs abandoned at stray kennels.
By visiting stray kennels every week, and with their support and help we are able to photograph the dogs that have served their time. We work continuously to find rescue places for these dogs as well as taking some into Good Life Dog Rescue.
With dedicated and continuous advertising we are able to find homes for many stray and abandoned dogs and give them the good life they have always deserved.
Big cheers from Good Life
We cheered with delight when the Staffords came in at No.1 on 'Britains Top 100 Dogs' and not before time we might add. Our volunteer based charity takes hundreds of these dogs every year from the local stray pounds and rehomes them to very special individuals who cherish them. Many have been abandoned, abused, neglected and used for breeding. It is wonderful that at long last these dogs have some recognition for their loving nature, intelligence, genuine love for children, devotion and of course charm.

Patch and Socks

Latest update

It's been a while since we posted these two very special boys. Still endearingly known by fab foster mum and dad Louise and Greg as Nugget and Potato. Two special Staffies, so happy and content in life. They have a very busy social life now and sometimes even stay over at Grandparents houses! Wow. Sleep overs are such fun! The amazing duo have so much to do now the sun is shining. However we think it's called snoozing in the garden, keeping cool in the shades and pointing out where mum and dad have possibly missed a weed or two. They smell sweet and even had a bath in the garden last weekend.


These two amazing boys are a far cry from the dogs that came into Good Life in December 2017. A very heartbreaking sight for all seeing two seriously neglected older Staffies needing urgent medical care and TLC. Patch needed his front leg amputating due to a serious injury that had been left untreated.


Not only are they now the picture of health and look amazing, they are truly delicious. Socks has lost his chub which was a serious health issue and looks super handsome. Both boys are extremely loving, loyal and obedient. They love their food, toys and their life now and are the happiest dogs thanks to Greg and Louise, two very special foster people.


We can never post the boys without a mention for "Lets do it for Dexter" and 'Gallimore Trust' who supported us with our huge vet bills for the boys last December. We are always grateful to these people and mum and dad for being there for us at Good Life and two amazing dogs in need. Happy dogs having happy days.

Sad Bess finds a new home
Everyone will be very happy to know that Bess has gone to her new home with a wonderful couple. Having lost their old Staffy girl they fell in love with Bess and her story. Here at Good Life we are over the moon as this gorgeous lady had started to get very depressed in kennels. Staying in her bed and looking very very down in the dumps. Bess will be living in Sheffield with Ian and Charlotte and going to work with her new dad every day. We will update with some new photos as and when. We thank everyone for rooting for Bess and for sharing her posts and appeals. We have many rescue dogs needing homes, please help us to help them and watch our dogs go from homeless to happy.
We are such a small rescue with limited funds and donations. Our rescue is funded by our own employment and we often struggle with large vet bills. We always try to be there to help the strays needing veterinary operations and immediate rescue. We always try and be there to help dogs like Annie struggling in stray kennels. We never ever forget any of our dogs but this special girl will always be in our hearts. Despite the odds she survived and has now gone on to a wonderful happy life. We are forever grateful to our wonderful adopters.
Annie finds a home at last
Annie finds a fabulous home at last with a wonderful dog and Staffy loving couple. Having always had rescue dogs they fell madly in love with Annie and her photos. We are over the moon and so happy to see her loving a new life. Although we will miss her we desperately wanted to see her in a home with the love she deserved every day. She has already been to the seaside and is now having the life she always deserved but never had. Life of luxury at last.
This beautiful young Staffy cross was abandoned by her owner and left in the stray kennels with a very swollen belly, underweight and very very poorly. She was rushed for urgent and immediate surgery by our rescue after very upsetting and distressing concern for her welfare at the beginning of the year. Annie suffered a pyometra. Pyometra is a secondary infection in the uterus and is considered a serious and life threatening condition that must be treated quickly. A fabulous vet performed life saving surgery on Annie who would of lost her life otherwise. It was very upsetting for all concerned and touch and go whether this beautiful dog would make it through. Annie nearly lost her life having suffered with severe poisoning of her system after the operation. Annie lost so much weight and only survived by being syringe fed by like-minded friends and supporters of ours. She fell in love with everyone and everyone fell in love with her. Very slowly she recovered and eventually she became a healthy weight.
Bell and Ernie find new loving homes
These two gorgeous Staffies came into our care from a Yorkshire stray kennel and what smashers they were. They have both recently been adopted and we could not be happier as we adore Staffords at Good Life. Ernie has now moved on to pastures new and is living with Michelle and Andrew and another staffy called Molly. Bella is living with the Cornish family and enjoying a life of luxury at last. Here at Good Life Dog Rescue we love Staffords and help many find ta loving home and new start to life. Many are abandoned through no fault of their own and often struggle to find rescue places.
A sad fact is that staffies find it very hard to find homes in rescues and stray kennels and are often overlooked for other breeds. Due to over breeding, negative portrayal and very bad publicity sadly means rescues and stray kennels are bursting with this fabulous forgotten breed. Please consider a Staffy when looking to adopt a rescue dog. Contact us and visit our Staffies looking for homes today. 
Staffies have a huge affinity with people and offer unconditional love. Staffies are devoted to their families, adults and children alike. If you show a Staffy love and affection, you will get that love back tenfold. They are small enough to have a cuddle on your lap, they learn quickly and they have fun personalities!’ Staffies are strong, athletic, agile and active dogs and will need a home that have plenty of time for exercise. Staffy Savvy homes are always in short supply. These forgotten dogs are always overlooked and left behind in rescues and the stray kennels yet despite misconceptions the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a loyal, loving, highly intelligent and a reliable breed. Please love a staffy and consider adoption today!.

There are lots and lots of Staffies looking for homes of all ages, including puppies, young adults, middle aged and seniors. Staffies needing homes to suit all lifestyles are waiting in rescues and stray kennels in Yorkshire.
Please consider them when looking to adopt a dog. Never be lonely again, adopt a Staffy and find a friend for life.
Katie enjoying life at last
Katie was never just another Brindle Staffy. She came into our care from the stray kennels and was just a darling. She loved everyone and mixed so well with other dogs. She found her new mum and dad, Pat and Mick and very deservingly so. Recently enjoying a trip to the seaside and putting behind her a very sad past at last.
Mason Update
We are great believers that there is someone for everyone in this life and for everyone at Good Life these photos prove it! Mason continues to settle in his new home and is loving life with the Harpers. Now known as Mason Harper for sure! As you can see this frosty chops is truly in love and of course the love is reciprocated. Life begins at 11 years old for this adorable senior Staffy. Please consider offering a home to a senior dog in need today. Thank you.
Dedicated to helping stray dogs at Yorkshire pounds
Every week Good Life Dog Rescue visit the stray kennels. We are passionate about helping stray dogs find rescue places. We take as many into our care as we possibly can but are very hands on in moving many many more into rescue. This year we have helped over 200 dogs so far. We are dedicated to helping stray and abandoned dogs in Yorkshire. Please support us in our work.
New arrivals - Timmy and Star
Timmy and Molly came into our care from the stray kennels and are fabulous dogs. Timmy is a lively giddy young boy looking for a home with mountain of exercise. Star is a sweet natured Collie cross German Shepherd looking for a home with guidance. Please visit our adoption pages to see their full rpfiles today.
Helping dogs that have suffered cruelty and neglect
Every week Good Life Dog Rescue try and help many strays that have suffered abandonment. Sadly some weeks are very difficult and not only have these dogs been abandoned they have been abused and neglected and suffered terrible acts of cruelty. This week we have seen two terrible cases of cruelty. Here is just one Greyhound, straved and very sad. Still managed a tail wag. This lovely Greyhound is now safe and was transported on Saturday by us to Dogs Trust Leeds.
We are a small charity and have limited funds to help the dogs in need. Please help us ito help the strays like Fleck. Any donations are greatly received however small.
Bric a brac, Teddies and unwanted gifts wanted
Thank you to everyone who has shown us support over the last few months. Here at Good Life we are constantly fundraising to raise money for the dogs in our care and to also enable us to help many more still waiting at stray kennels. If you can help us by doanting any bric-abrac or good quality unwanted gifts and Teddies we can always put them to good use.
Any donations however small will help us to help more strays needing help. Our kennelling bills and veterinary bills are always expensive every month. Please help us if you can.
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