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Bobby Affectionate small Staffy

8 years young











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Hi my name is Bob. It's always been Bob or even Bobster and I am 8 years young. Please don't be put off by 8 years of age as us Staffies can live to be 16 years old. I am agile, active, love my walks and sadly I miss my home. I came into rescue care as a stray dog and I am a real character or so they tell me. I am very friendly, I love cuddles and sitting on your knee. I miss being on my sofa having snoozes and company and being a typical Staffy this is very important to me. I am small and of course yet another Brindle Beauty looking for a home. Sadly us Brindle boys and girls are always overlooked for brighter coloured coated Staffies and dogs. Brindle is Beautiful remember! The home I am looking for is one that just love Staffies and have time to give me lots of spoiling that us cuddle monsters love. We have a huge affinity with people and like nothing better than being the centre of attention. I think I may be at my happiest as an only boy in the home having all eyes and attention on me as I can be selective of other dogs.
I love my food, I know all my commands and I have been loved in my life before. Kennel life is not for me and I am finding it stressful. It's no place for a happy friendly chap like me as there is just not enough cuddles going free. Home comforts are what I need most of all, along with a new adopter that will see me for the cracking little Chracater Staffy I am. If you feel you can offer me a new start to life then please contact Good life Dog Rescue on 07843 151819 or 07949 483771. My rescue board their dogs at Netherlands who are open every day from 12pm to 3pm. Please consider a Staffy for adoption today. Due to bad publicity and negative press many Staffies get left behind in kennels and stray pounds. Despite misconceptions Staffies make wonderful, loving, loyal pets. There love of people is seconf to none. Love a Staffy today!
Staffies have a huge affinity with people and offer unconditional love. Staffies are devoted to their families, adults and children alike. If you show a Staffy love and affection, you will get that love back tenfold. They are small enough to have a cuddle on your lap, they learn quickly and they have fun personalities!’ Staffies are strong, athletic, agile and active dogs and will need a home that have plenty of time for exercise. Staffy Savvy homes are always in short supply. These forgotten dogs are always overlooked and left behind in rescues and the stray kennels yet despite misconceptions the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a loyal, loving, highly intelligent and a reliable breed. Please love a staffie and consider adoption today!.
Good Life dog rescue
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