SNOOP Very loving Staff cross





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2 Years



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Over 8 Years


Snoop is an amazing dog. He is super obedient and very very loving. Snoop has been waiting at the stray kennels for many months and is one loyal and special dog. He can be reactive with other dogs however he is very very obedient and responds well to his commands. We are working with his socialising and he will be going out walking with other dogs to build on this. Snoop is approx 3 year old, very playful and knows all his commands. This boy is eager to make his owner happy and has so much love to give. We took Snoop has an emergency and he has already started his vaccines in our care. He will be castrated prior adoption. Anyone loving the Stafford breed will adore this boy who has so much love to give. A new start for this youngster is well deserved and a long time coming.
Snoop needs a home as an only dog and with someone who can work on his socialising. He needs a loving home and with older children and someone who has time for plenty of walks and exercise. Snoop has waited a long time to find a home and has so much to offer. He is super clever and very obedient. He would make a brilliant dog for someone who has experience of larger Staffy cross breeds. This boy is very handsome and has won all our Hearst just as he did with the staff at the stray kennels. Please support adoption. Here at Good Life we help a huge volume of Staffies and cross breed Staffies. Many are left behind at the local stray kennels and they make amazing loving dogs. They are loyal, trustworthy and we fly a flag high for these forgotten dogs. Please consider them. Misconception sees many overlooked despite being a very reliable breed.

PLEASE CONTACT GOOD LIFE DOG RESCUE FOR MORE DETAILS ABOUT SNOOP AND THE HOME YOU HAVE WAITING. We are always happy for calls after 6 o'clock in the evening. Please send details about yourself via the adopt me button. This is essential when matching dogs with potential adopters. We ensure that all humans and homes are very happy together. Thank you.
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