SNOWY Very loving Staffy cross Bulldog





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7 Years







Snowy is suffering from a broken heart. Due to the loss of her owner she found herself one lonely lady at the stray kennels. Snowy hasn't had a great time of late and came into our care just before Christmas. She is now fully vaccinated, treated for flea and worms and spayed. She adores a cuddle and loves to sit on your knee having a fuss and some custard creams. She walks lovely on her lead and generally chooses to ignore other dogs. If challenged she will of course retaliate. Snowy is extremely affectionate with people and she struggles with a heavy heart in kennels due to the death of her owner. We absolutely love her and are hoping that someone who understands the bull breeds can offer her a new start. Some dogs struggle terribly with isolation of kennels and lack of human company. Despite all our dogs having walks and being wrapped up in coats kennel life is no place for them. Without doubt they long to belong and have company. Our aim is to find all our dogs a new start and a loving home as soon as possible. Kennels are a temporary measure and solitude is a terrible thing for animals and people. Snowy has lots of love to give and desperately misses her home and owner.
Snowy needs a loving home as an only dog where she will be spoiled and cherished. Steady walks and regular exercise and a routine will suit her fine along with a person to cuddle. Snowy needs to be an only dog as she can be selective especially when challenged by otehr hounds. She walks like a cloud and will make 
someone a special dog. She is always eager to please and loves a snuggle on the sofa. Snowy will suit a home whwre she isn't left for long hours and has company. We feel she would cope for a short period but as with most bull breeds they are happiest in the arms of their owners and living in the spotlight. Our lady is one heartbreaker and is a sad lady finding the stress of kennels too much. Anyone who has loved and lost a Staffy before and can offer this little lady a new start please get in touch. a loving home is essential and a biscuit barrel full of custard creams.

PLEASE CONTACT GOOD LIFE DOG RESCUE FOR MORE DETAILS ABOUT SNOWY AND THE HOME YOU HAVE WAITING. We are always happy for calls after 6 o'clock in the evening. Please send details about yourself via the adopt me button. This is essential when matching dogs with potential adopters. We ensure that all humans and homes are very happy together. Thank you.
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