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Approx 18 month



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Lacey is one gorgeous deaf young lady of approx eighteen months. Lacey has spent a year homeless and came into our care from the stray kennels a year ago. She was very underweight and suffered from very sore skin. She is now a healthy size and her skin and coat is looking lovely. This beautiful dog is one of our 'Lonely Heart' appeals due to her searching for a special human for such a long time. Despite receiving lots of applications and a few meet and greets and two day home trials she sadly is still in kennels and waiting to find her forever love. Lacey lives is a silent world so struggles to communicate with other dogs and most strangers. 
She knows all her basic commands and responds to our basic sign language. She can be a little wary at times of some dogs and often people she does not know. This can be difficult out walking however we are able to manage Lacey well with treats. Lacey can be boisterous and playful yet also very affectionate. Living in a very silent world can be very hard to read body language and many dogs do struggle. Lacey walks brilliant on a lead and has fast learned her sign language and how to get a treat. She can be cheeky and stubborn and knows her good girl command which is followed by a Scooby snack. Lacey is cheeky and a typical young dog yet sadly not for the weaker willed of people. She can be over boisterous, a little grabby at times in play and will need a dedicated experienced human to help her with communication and to manage her issues. Further sign language and guidance and a very special human with dedication and a mindful demeanour that aims to succeed is needed. She needs firm and fair boundaries and ideally someone who has time and experience of owning a deaf, reactive dog before. Due to Lacey being born deaf this is different to a dog becoming deaf in old age. Lacey is stunning, very comical and has so much love to give. In order for her to have the perfect life she needs to find a very special person that are dedicated and will build trust and a bond with her on regular visits. Home comforts are essential with lots of company, energy burn off and a huge acceptance of her needs. Lacey struggles to communicate with the outside world and we appeal to make her day dream real by finding her a very very special niche market rescue dog loving human. If this is you please read on. Please support. Please help one special girl.


Our lady is very special and needs someone very dedicated to offer guidance and training to her special needs in life. She cannot live in a busy home. She cannot live with cats or other dogs and children. An adult home with a garden is needed. An understanding of deaf dogs and how to communicate would be beneficial but not essential. A true dedicated rescue human that has experience of larger dogs with reactive behaviour would be perfect. Someone who has experience of rescue dogs that need to be managed would be a dream come true. Lacey cannot live with young children as she struggles to communicate and does get over silly at times. Communication is key in a home without too many visitors. Children often have many visitors and this would be too many pressures for Lacey. Lacey has now been in kennels for a full year and we appeal to find her the niche market home she desperately craves and deserves. Lacey would suit a home with plenty of company and with someone who can dedicate time to her special needs. Lacey now receives lots of walks and interactions with us however her situation leaves us all with a sad heart. We do understand that reactive behaviour can be difficult however it can be managed well. Lacey has spent over half her life in kennels. She needs a garden to run and play in ideally. Lacey will need a home that can continue with her guidance with strangers and training and offer a very good routine. She finds it difficult to communicate so can often be reactive if worried by humans and other animals. Lacey is adorable and very comical with the people she knows. She is silly, energetic and very stubborn at times. Behaviourist support would be great for her progress in the future. This lady needs company and deserves lots of love and above all else a very special and understanding human. People time, lots of walks and some extra TLC is essential. An experience home with dedicated rescue adopters is needed. Please get in touch to discuss further. Lacey is our very very special appeal and one of our Lonely Hearts Club members. Help us to cancel her subscription. Are you the special human for Lacey? Please call for more details.

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