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Little Ozzie has a disability. We met him at the stray kennels where the staff had worked hard to find him a rescue place. This little Staffy cross Bull Dog had waited over two months in their care. Ozzie is adorable. He has wobbly back legs and although he manages to walk we aim to get to the bottom of his problems. Ozzie loves his toys and will play in his kennel. Occasionally he will topple. This week he has been to our vets for a full health check and today (17th Jan) he is undergoing X-rays and castration. To add insult to injury and his disability he also has a retaining testicle. This makes for a complicated castration and further intrusive surgery. Despite all his troubles Ozzie is a typical puppy and very resilient. He as with all dogs is living for the moment. We aim for him to live a life of happiness with 5 star care for whatever he needs for the future. It was thought initially that Oz had neurological problems however this is not the case. We are told that his problems may be due to bad breeding and trying to produce a very small and stocky Stafford. Whatever Ozzie may be we know he is a very sweet and loving special boy.
Ozzie is looking for an experienced and devoted owner. Despite his disability with his leg this little fella is no different to any otehr pup. He loves to play and enjoys his outside adventures. He will need shorter walks and more often to keep his legs moving. At present we do not know what his long term outcome is and due to his legs he is on Glucosamine medication to strengthen his bones. This puppy can be selective with dogs when out so he will need a home that are preferred to socialise him more and potentially involve a behaviour class to combat later problems. Ozzie is young enough to accept other dogs well. At present a home as the only dog is needed and with someone who has experience and can offer time of him. We will offer support to any adopters that feel they can give Ozzie a special life and much dedicated time. Please get in touch if you feel that is you.

Good Life Dog Rescue exists completely on a very small volunteer basis. We pay no wages and work very hard to help many stray and abandoned dogs and dogs left in difficult situations  We welcome phone calls and emails to discuss any of our dogs. Please remember to leave a contact number. Online applications can be filled in if you press the adopt button under each dogs profile. We are huge flag flyers for the Staffy breed and the strays in Yorkshire and we also help many older dogs that are often left waiting. Due to misconceptions and bad press rescue dogs are often overlooked and people choose to buy a puppy instead of considering the abandoned and stray dogs in this life. Please consider adoption. We always welcome visitors to meet our dogs via appointments. Ozzie Ospaws is just one little dog waiting for a new start in life. 

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