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This little lad is gorgeous through and through. At four months old he is a blank canvas. Although it is hard to believe Donny came to us from a local stray kennels as an unclaimed baby. He is full of love for everyone human and hound and is full of energy and mischief. Donald is only four months old. He will need a very special home and we feel he will grow into a large dog. He is extremely sweet and at present and we are learning him to walk nicely and in a straight line. Donald has already been to our vets to start his vaccinations and to be microchipped. He has received a full health check with us. A very dedicated home is needed to adopt him. Donny is very sweet, inquisitive, cute and very very endearing. He is full of life and is a typical baby who finds everything fun and very interesting. He has lots of energy and needs a very committed human and home. We ensure he finds a perfect match adopt as he has a very long life in front of him and it is essential that a special human is found.
Little Donald is looking for a very committed home who have experience of owning a puppy before. He will need a lifetime committed owner who understands his needs and where his welfare will always come first. we prefer to rehome Donald to a home in Yorkshire due to him needing castrating at the age of one. Puppies are very time consuming and they need lots of lots of time dedicated to training, walking and with firm yet very fairly rules and boundaries. although our little man is super cute and gorgeous his teeth are like razors. We will not rehome him with babies or very young children for this reason. A home where someone has lots of time and commit to Donny's socialising and training is essential to us. He needs a home where someone is home for most of the time. Puppies easily get bored and he will without doubt chew your house. Pups also mess in your home and cause chaos if you are not around. If you are that special human, person or couple and have owned rescue dogs before then please get in touch. Little Donald is struggling in kennels and although we spend lots of time with him we need to find him home comforts and a new start in life very soon. Donald can only be rehired with a family with older children.
Many dogs are abandoned or have to find a new home through no fault of their own. Most of Good Life Dogs come into care as unwanted strays, some through the death of their owner or a change in owners circumstances where they can no longer care for their dog. Whatever the reasons we always have many many dogs all looking for a new start. We help a huge volume of Staffies and bull breeds from local pounds who are always the very last to be adopted and we help huge amount of senior dogs. Please consider adopting before buying. Rehoming can be slow and there are many dogs that long to find a loving home and have waited too long in kennels. Kennel life is solitary for most of the day. Are you that special person to open your heart and home to a rescue dog? Contact us for more details of dogs needing homes at Good Life Dog Rescue. Email us about yourself or contact us for an informal chat on 07843 151819.
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