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Tess came into our care from the stray kennels where she has had a turbulent time of late. Sadly she has been bred and produced many puppies for her owner. She was sold and then ended up in the stray kennels. She has won many hearts along her journey and has dampened our spirits with her sad story. Due to Tess struggling to walk on arrival she has been seen by our vet as a priority. With further in-depth examinations it is apparent Tess has joint pain in her back legs. Her legs are severely bowed due to her breed. She desperately wants to walk but her movement is more of a bounce and a totter than co-ordination of leg movements. Tess is now on strong pain killers and we are monitoring her walking. She has lots of time out of her kennels for cuddles and steady plods around the kennel field. We are at present restricting any real walks until there is a huge improvement in her legs and progress. This lady is seven years old. She is adorable. Tess loves cuddles and being with people. She has been great with other dogs too. She constantly rolls over for belly rubs and will be happiest with company and lots of people time. Tess worked her crowd at the vets and gave kisses to everyone. Read on for more details of the special home Tess is searching for.
Due to Tess struggling with walking we feel a home with a large garden to mooch around in and potter would be amazing. At present we are unsure whether she will have any great improvement. Time will tell. Due to her breeding and the severity of her bowed legs the condition is probably inherited. Tess needs company and lots of love. She adores being with people. She will be unable to go on adventure walks and a home that understand this is needed. Pain relief will be necessary and her pain monitored. A home where someone works from home and can offer time and love is essential or a retired yet agile couple. Due to Tess being less agile she is possibly best suited in a home as an only dog where she will have all the attention and will not be knocked about by another boisterous hound. Tess has been amazing with children and every human that crosses her path. She will make someone a great companion. A larger garden is essential and someone who is home for most of the day. Please read all the information given about Tess before filing in an application. Tess is seven years old and needs a lifetime of TLC and extra care and a very very special dedicated person.
Many dogs are abandoned or have to find a new home through no fault of their own. Most of Good Life Dogs come into care as unwanted strays, some through the death of their owner or a change in owners circumstances where they can no longer care for their dog. Whatever the reasons we always have many many dogs all looking for a new start. We help a huge volume of Staffies and bull breeds from local pounds who are always the very last to be adopted and we help huge amount of senior dogs. Please consider adopting before buying. Rehoming can be slow and there are many dogs that long to find a loving home and have waited too long in kennels. Kennel life is solitary for most of the day. Are you that special person to open your heart and home to a rescue dog? Contact us for more details of dogs needing homes at Good Life Dog Rescue. Email us about yourself or contact us for an informal chat on 07843 151819.
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