UNCLE ALBERT Adorable Senior





Good with other dogs:

Good with children:

Good with cats:

Approx 11 years



Part of adoption


Yes (older)


Uncle Albert is absolutely deeee- licious to say the least. We collected this beautiful senior staffy from the stray kennels where he had been waiting a long time. He is extremely loving, but one very very sad senior that is so unhappy in kennels now. He adores his walks and being in company but longs to be back in the arms of someone who loves him. He needs company and home comforts as soon as possible. Uncle Albert is missing his home and sits and waits patiently every day for that special someone. We send a special appeal out to everyone reading our pages to consider the older dogs in our care. They are the last to be given a sideways glance and are often forgotten at the stray kennels completely. Uncle Albert loves his walks and will always be found at the back of his kennel and in bed. He needs a home with warmth and comforts in the later stages of his life. Whatever his sad story is, we are pained to see this sad senior in kennels when he should be enjoying a retirement home. We visit the stray kennels every week and see so many frosty faces and tinted Blue eyes. Although overwhelmed and consumed by the sadness for the senior dogs we try our best to help them. Albert is just one senior Staffy in our care.

Uncle Albert is searching for a new start where he will be loved and have the comforts and luxuries of a 5 star retirement home. At approx 11-12 years old he still needs exercise and some steady yet frequent walks. Albert has been brilliant when out around other dogs however he does tend to ignore them. We do feel that he may be happiest as the lord of the manor at home where his life will be all about him. Uncle needs time to settle in and be a spoiled lad. A sad fact is that many senior dogs are often left behind and forgotten in stray kennels. They have so much love to give and struggle to find that special person. They ask for very little and yet give so much. Please consider Albert. This handsome chap craves love and deserves a very happy ever after as soon as possible. Stock up on your bikes if you would love to consider this older boy Stafford.
Please contact us at Good Life with information about yourself and the home you can offer Albert. Albert is yet another older Bull breed that has fallen on very sad times. Please consider our rescue dogs for adoption today. Many of them struggle terribly with isolation and a kennel environment, We help a huge amount of abandoned Staffies and bull breeds left waiting at the Yorkshire stray kennels and in very difficult situations. We encourage adoption and invite anyone with misconceptions of rescue dogs to come and meet some very special hounds in our care. We are very active and fly a flag high for the Staffies and bull breeds. Please support us and the work we do. We exist entirely on volunteers and pay no wages.
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