ROBBIE - Friendly, handsome Stafford





Good with other dogs:

Good with children:

Good with cats:

Approx 18 mth-2 Years



Yes (part of adoption)

Only dog

Older children


IMG_9530 yes.jpg
Robbie has come into our care from the stray kennels as another unwanted stray from a Yorkshire pound. Robbie is absolutely lovely and approx three years old. Sadly many rescue dogs are not microchipped so a teeth inspection is basically our only option. Robbie is extremely overjoyed to be out of kennels and likes nothing better than long walks and trips over the fields and in the woods. He is not "Bomb Proof" with otehr dogs which is often the case for many bull breeds however he is easily managed. Responsible ownership is crucial. Robbie likes a fuss and he knows all is commands. This boy is very eager to please and has lots to offer his owner. He is absolutely beautiful and striking looking and will be a huge fave with all our Staffy fans. Robbie will be starting his vaccines as soon as possible and will also be castrated before his adoption. We would love to find him a home as soon as possible. As many lovers of this breed know Staffies do not cope well in kennels and find being without a human in their life quite stressful.

Robbie needs a loving home that have experience of his breed. He need a home as an only dog and with older children. We do not rehome our rescue dogs with very small children or babies due to lack of history and the fact that our dos come from local council kennels as strays. Robbie is friendly and he loves his walks and energy burn offs so a home with an active person or couple is ideal. An enclosed garden and a home as an only dog is needed. Robbie is easily managed although he is not a huge fan other dogs in his personal space. This said Rob has lots to offer and enjoys a roll in the wet grass and a belly rub. He loves people and craves attention as do 99.9% of bull breeds. Bull breeds prefer humans to hounds hands down. Robbie will be at home with people that have time for attention and lots of exercise. A home where he will not be left for long hours would be perfect. Robbie is stunning and will be one happy staffy once back in a home with his humans. Sofa space with "Robs chair' would be perfect.

We ask people to be aware that we cannot reserve dogs for months at a time. Our charity is small and we have many dogs to care for every day. Our vet bills and kennelling bills are very large and we do not own our own premises. Rehoming is a crucial part of keeping a charity afloat. If you have holidays planned or other commitments please only apply for our homeless dogs when your circumstances can provide a home for our dogs. We would love to hear from any rescue flag flying people as we struggle with a huge amount of unwanted animals. Due to the aftermath of the pandemic stray kennels are full and charities like ours with no staff are finding it difficult to help such a huge volume of abandoned and neglected animals in Yorkshire. By adopting you will be freeing up a space for another urgent stray dog from a Yorkshire pound. Thank you.

At the moment we have many dogs in our care that have been ill treated, abused and seriously neglected. We are working flat out and long hours to manage all admin as well as ensuring all our dogs are well cared for and receiving immediate veterinary care. Their welfare every day is our priority. Our vet bills as always are through the roof. We are a very small charity with no staff and we pay no wages. Every penny raised goes toward helping dogs like Aubrey find the best life and a forever love with a human who has compassion and love for animals.

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