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Ellie and Fozzy are a bonded pair. They love each other dearly and are brother and sister. This gorgeous super loving couple came to us from the stray kennels. Our hearts are melted. These two loving dogs are of very bad breeding and Ellie has deformed legs. Although she is able to walk she walks with a terrible gait. She has undergone X-rays in our care. Her X-rays have shown hip dysplasia and trouble with her patellas. Her delicious brother Fozzy is deaf. Despite their medical problems they are both absolutely adorable and the most sweetest dogs ever. They adore cuddles and being with humans and having as many kisses as possible. We appeal to find them a very special human. Although Ellie's legs will never be perfect, she can walk, she can run and she loves her outside shorter adventures. On meeting these two sweethearts at the stray kennels both dogs were running about and extremely happy. Our hearts are very heavy to see these two youngsters in kennels and our appeal is one of urgency to find them a five stat home with a garden and some moderate walks. Life can be cruel and although we are unable to fix everything for this loveable pair we are working hard to find them someone extremely special and lots of home comforts. Yorkshire homes are needed so we can offer support when needed.
Ellie and Fozzy love each other dearly. They cannot be separated as their lives would be sad without each other. They need a very special human that is accepting of Ellie's leg problems and someone who doesn't mind that Fozzy is totally deaf. Ellie is Fozzy's ears. Both these dogs love people and will need loads of time and company. They need to be cherished and loved. A garden is needed and moderate walks and of course some very special five star home comforts with love on tap. We appeal for a very special home with older children and someone with an extremely big heart. If you feel you can offer a special bother and sister a happy life then please get in touch as soon as possible. Fozzy and Ellie are struggling in kennels and need to be in the arms of someone and in home comforts as a matter of urgency. We will only rehome this adorable duo to Yorkshire homes so we can offer hands on support if and when needed regarding medical care.

Good Life Dog Rescue are a small charity dedicated to helping stray dogs in Yorkshire. We remain very active in the work we do although we exist only on few volunteers who are mainly weekend walkers. It is important that all our dogs have a happy life and a forever home and we ensure both humans and hounds are always well matched and love each other dearly. Please be in touch to make an appointment to meet our dogs or for more details we welcome calls. We are huge supporters of helping stray dogs and hounds that are struggling in difficult situations. We welcome calls to discuss adoption of some very special dogs. Staffords make very loving reliable additions to homes. Despite negative press they are very special human focused dogs. We are huge flag flyers for this breed. Please support.
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