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BODHI AND BEAU - Stafford Duo





Good with other dogs:

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8 yrs & approx 4 yrs

Male and Female



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Adult only


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These two gorgeous dogs came to us from the stray kennels and will soon be ready to find pastures new within a very special home. Beau and Bodhi love each other and are very friendly with people. Beau is extremely attached to Bodhi and finds it was difficult if he is away from her for a minute. Although they have settled in well they are both finding a life without a home quite stressful, especially little Beau. They chase about and are very fun loving and they have been out walking with other dogs albeit at a distance. They have been very accepting and shown no major issues although a Stafford experienced home would be our preference with an understanding of the breed. A room for two is also essential. It is difficult enough for any dog to become homeless so to lose their best friends is even harder.  We will not split this bonded pair and a home is needed as the only two with no added pressures from other dogs within the home. Bodhi has a tumour on his undercarriage which will be operated on next week. After discussion with our vets they feel this is not cancerous and can be removed quite easily. We have everything crossed for a speedy recovery and prefer to have surgery for Bodhi once in a home so he has warmth and home comforts to aid a speedier road back to health. Bother our Staffords are neutered and desperate for a loving home with love on tap.
These two adorable dogs will need a home together. They love each other dearly and are a very bonded pair. An enclosed garden for them to run about in would be perfect as they absolutely love this. They will be very happy and a fun-loving pair once settled into a home. We would rehome with older children only and with no other pets. Beau and Bodhi absolutely love their walks so this is essential that they have an active home with regular exercise. Company throughout the day would be amazing or someone that works from home or is only part time. We do not want these dogs left alone all day as their lives have been very difficult of late and they love human interactions. If you feel this amazing pair of Staffords are for you then please complete an application form today. We look forward to hearing from people.

Good Life Dog Rescue are a small charity dedicated to helping stray dogs in Yorkshire. We remain very active in the work we do although we exist only on few volunteers who are mainly weekend walkers. It is important that all our dogs have a happy life and a forever home and we ensure both humans and hounds are always well matched and love each other dearly. Please be in touch to make an appointment to meet our dogs or for more details we welcome calls. We are huge supporters of helping stray dogs and hounds that are struggling in difficult situations. We welcome calls to discuss adoption of some very special dogs. Staffords make very loving reliable additions to homes. Despite negative press they are very special human focused dogs. We are huge flag flyers for this breed. Please support.
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