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Bella is a Beagle cross breed and one very sweet natured and loving lady. She has been a cruelty case. Although her past life is one best forgotten we refrain from posting details on her profile page. What we do know is that her life from now on begins and we work to erase the life she has had which is truly best forgotten. Little Bella came into our care and has suffered some terrible cruelty. Many people will be aware of the abuse she has suffered due to many social media posts. Although Bella's sad story has touched many hearts and broken even more she is now safe and doing extremely well in our care. She adores a cuddle and a fuss and just loves people. Bella has settled in a treat and goes out walking with other dogs whenever possible and has captured the hearts of all volunteer walkers. Due to a previous broken leg this young dog can only use one of her back legs as a tripod. She can bear weight on the leg but has a tendency to swing the leg around. Her back leg does not bend. We are assured by our vet that Bella is in no pain and walking her will be no problem. This is just as well as this young lady adores adventure and to sniff every blade of grass when possible. She has the traits typical of the Beagles and loves to be under hedges, in bushes and picking up scents of this interesting world around her. We think in the future Bella may suffer some arthritis in her back leg but for now she has mountains of energy and has so much enthusiasm and spice for life. For now this stunning dog is settling in and we are working hard to erase a sad life that hopefully very soon will be a distant memory. Due to the terrible circumstances in which Bella came into our care a home is needed without too many pressures and with no children. She needs TLC, a dedicated owner and someone with a heart full of compassion and an understanding of the sad life she has lead. Read on for more details of the home Bella needs.
Bella is looking for a very special loving home with no small children. She needs lots of company and love as she will suffer from separation anxiety due to the circumstances she has been kept in. This lady loves and enjoys her walks and exercise and although she has been amazing with other dogs we need to consider her disability in her back leg. She is very loving and friendly and adores and craves reassurance and attention. Although we feel the need to over compensate for the difficult sad life she has lead we almost must ensure that Bella still receives firm and fair boundaries. Guidance and training as well as love and care are needed for this youngster. Someone who works from home would be ideal for Bella so she will always have the attention and awareness that someone is there for her. Regular walks, toilet breaks and a garden are essential for Bella and her well being. Anyone that feels this young lady may be the love of your life please send in an application. Please read all the details regarding Bella prior to sending in an application form. She cannot live with children and due to her disability with her back leg is possibly best suited as an only dog in the home or with a dog that will not be too boisterous. Essential details about people via the applications are needed so we can work hard to match human and hound together. Vet references and essential home and garden checks are part of our adoption policy.
Please contact us at Good Life with information about yourself and the home you can offer Bella. We work hard to match our adopters and dogs together ensuring that humans and hounds are very happy. This lady is yet another beautiful dog that has fallen on very sad times and found herself homeless. Many rescue dogs struggle terribly with isolation and a kennel environment and Bella is one of many. We help a huge amount of abandoned dogs that are left waiting at the Yorkshire stray kennels and in very difficult situations. We encourage adoption and invite anyone with misconceptions of rescue dogs to come and meet some very special dogs with huge characters and love to give. We are very active in the work we do and are very dedicated to the welfare of the dogs in our care and the Yorkshire strays. We have no staff and exist as a volunteer based charity. Support is always greatly received. Many thanks are sent to everyone that has donated to help Bella find a life worth living.
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