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Floss arrived into our care as a welfare case with other dogs. She needs a home with Tattie and Elsa who she arrived with who also have matted and balding coats. Sadly their elderly owner was unable to care for these ladies due to poor health. Elsa was in a matted state and had very sore skin. Her ears have been hacked off. One is missing and the other is partially cropped. We understand from her previous owner that she was rescued by her due to being seriously mistreated. Elsa had overgrown nails which have grown in the wrong direction. Due to her condition the decision was made to sedate Elsa and shave her fur. Whilst under anaesthetic she has had her ears flushed out and had longer lasting ear medication put in. She also had had her nails cut, a shampoo and a very thorough health check. Elsa is approximately seven to eight years old and now looks so much better and happier. On arrival Elsa was sad and very nervous. She has now been placed in her kennels with Tattie and Floss who she has previously lived with. Floss is a long haired Dachshund who had a matted coat and little Tattie is Yorke cross Maltese. Elsa now seems so much more confident and happier sharing a kennel with Floss and Tattie. Tattie and Floss are a bonded pair and inseparable. Elsa can be a little aloof however we know that given time and some serious love and home comforts she will come into her own. We do not want to add too many pressures on Elsa but desperately need her to find a loving home with Floss and Tattie. Do you have a forever home for three gorgeous ladies? This will be a supported forever foster home.
Elsa needs a calmer and quieter home with her two friends Tattie and Floss. Tattie and Floss are inseparable and Elsa is so much more confident with these two little dogs whom she has lived with for many years. We know this is a massive ask however ourselves and these ladies would be devastated to split them up. It is not an option. A home without added pressures of other dogs is needed with a calmer and quiter environment. An enclosed garden where the girls can potter and run would be perfect. We do no know what the ladies would be like around children so a home within a calmer environment with adults would b amazing. Although these ladies would enjoy walks we feel they need company and time more than anything. Floss and Tattie adore each other and love cuddles and to sit on your knee. They enjoy being picked up and loved. Elsa is quite aloof but we feel she will make a loyal companion once she has been given the time to settle in. These three dogs have been through so much and they need to find a home as soon as possible. Floss and Tattie have some mammary lumps and are both eleven years old. We will not operate on them due to their age so they will need monitoring. They have poor coats however have also been fully health checked and are receiving excellent treatment. Their coats and skin will improve greatly in the next week or so due to the treatment we have supported them with from our vets. We will offer veterinary support in a forever foster home so we can keep all these girls ttogether. WE WELCOME CALLS AND APPLICATIONS AND REACH OUT TO PEOPLE TO SUPPORT ADOPTION. THESE LADIES NEED HOME COMFORTS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. CAN YOU HELP? CALL FOR MORE DETAILS.

Please contact us at Good Life with information about yourself and the home you can offer. We work hard to match our adopters and dogs together ensuring that humans and hounds are very happy.  We encourage adoption and invite anyone with misconceptions of rescue dogs to come and meet some very special dogs with huge characters and love to give. We are very active in the work we do and are very dedicated to the welfare of the dogs in our care and the Yorkshire strays. We have no staff and exist as a volunteer based charity. Support is always greatly received. 

Rescue dogs have often suffered difficult lives and some form of trauma or abandonment. We ask people to consider the huge commitment and lifestyle change of owning and adopting a dog. Rescue dogs often need time to settle back into a home. This can take at least four to five weeks for dogs to feel settled and more secure. If you are dedicated and understand that all rescue dogs need time to adjust then we would love to hear from you.

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