RUMPOLE - Happy Chappy Shar Pei Cross





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Approx 3 Years







Well what can we say? Rumpole is one happy Chappy cross breed Shar Pei. He came into our care as always from the stray kennels where he would struggle to find a home. He loves a fuss and a cuddle and is a real wiggle bum. This quirky looking fella is so happy at meeting and greeting his people. He adores his walks and of course being a Shar Pei cross breed he can be very aloof when out and about. Rumpole loves to sniff every blade of grass and really does feel that his walks are all about him. "I've got all the time in the world" - we often hear him say. He isn't too fussed about his treats and he does walk so well on his harness. He loves to saunter. Rumpole pretty much chooses to ignore other dogs down the kennel block and out on his walks. If challenged he will react, so therefore a home is preferred as the only dude in the house. Our gorgeous dog has entropion so will be needing surgery as soon as possible. We will consider a local foster home in Yorkshire with a view to also adopt. Under anaesthetic our special chap will also be undergoing a very thorough ear clean and some antibiotic treatments. As with many Star Peis Rumpole also has sore ears and eyes. We ensure his welfare and will be paying for surgeries for Rumpy and any on-going care needed. Rumpole loves a fuss and a good old scratch. We have aged Rumpole at approx 3 years old. Of course as you may see from his photos Rumpole has a soft mouth and some incredible jowls. One word is "Droolfest" at its best. Anyone that doesn't mind a bit of drool amongst friends please step this way. Faint hearted people please step away or move forward wearing some waterproofs only.
Rumpole is searching for a very loving home where someone is experienced of the Shar Pei breed. He needs a home to recover from his ear and eye surgery as a priority. We understand this is a lot to ask. Support will be given by our charity. He loves a fuss and will be very loyal to his people. Rumpole is a very happy and friendly dog. He has lots of Shar Pei traits and we are unsure of his mix. Everyone has fallen in love with him and we feel a home where he won't be left for long hours would suit. Short hours would be fine. Rumpole is extremely clean in his kennel so a home that can offer him regular exercise and some outside adventures would be great. And of course someone who can accept that aloofness and a walk that pivots around sniffing every blade of grass would be even better. A home as the only dog would be great in a less busy household with older children only. Although many people are house proud please note that our happy Chappy has some very drool infested chops. This boy is adorable and a forever home that have experience of Shar Pei's would be smashing. A loving home and waterproofs are essential for the adoption of this gorgeous dude.
Please contact us at Good Life with information about yourself and the home you can offer our slavver chops Rumpole. We work hard to match our adopters and dogs together ensuring that humans and hounds are very happy. This youngster is yet another handsome ex stray dog that has fallen on very sad times and found himself homeless and at the stray kennels in Yorkshire. Many rescue dogs struggle terribly with isolation and a kennel environment, We help a huge amount of abandoned dogs that are left waiting at the Yorkshire stray kennels and in very difficult situations. We encourage adoption and invite anyone with misconceptions of rescue dogs to come and meet some very special dogs with huge characters and love to give. We are very active in the work we do and are very dedicated to the welfare of the dogs in our care and the Yorkshire strays. We have no staff and exist as a volunteer based charity. Support is always greatly received.
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