DYLAN - Small cross breed Terrier





Good with other dogs:

Good with children:

Good with cats:

5 Years


Very small


Yes (can be bossy)

Teenage only


This very pretty and friendly little lad is looking for a new home. He is very cute make no mistake. Dylan was adopted by another rescue who no longer exists on a kennel basis. Due to this we have now taken Dylan into our care. His previous owners have had Dylan for four years. Due to senior years of the owners Dylan is now having to find a new home as he needs more exercise than his owners can give him. He is a friendly little lad who is now undergoing more assessments in our care. Dylan is happy and friendly but does like life on his own terms. This can be typical of busy terriers who do like a fuss but only when it suits them. He can be nervous of new things so will need a calm home with no children and a less busy environment. If frightened he will give a low level growl. This in dog terms is a warning of I am not happy. Dylan has lived with another older dog but we feel a very active home as the one and only chap would be more suitable. This small cross breed Yorky will need lots of exercise and a very active home. In his last home he hasn't had the exercise he needs and craves. He is an outdoorsy busy little fella that will benefit from a home that love to go for walks a plenty and marathon hikes.
Dylan is a happy little lad and friendly. He can be bolshy and does carry some attitude. He will benefit from a home that can give him time to settle with no added pressures. He isn't a lap dog and does like to be kept busy and have attention when he chooses. Because of this Dylan must find a home with no small children and without pressures. A home with experience of owning small dogs with attitude is a must and an adopter that loves plenty of exercise and can handle Dylan. Dylan is friendly and busy and a home that have experience and times for running, playing and hikes would be amazing. Dylan can be bolshy and will chase people away from his food. He does have attitude. If you are fit and active and are used to bossy busy dogs. This little chap has shown no issues with other dogs at the kennels and we know he has previously lived with another older dog. He can be a bully so a home as the one and only may be more suitable. Dylan will be undergoing more assessments this week, however we do welcome phone calls and details about you. More in-depth details about this little Ten Men will be available very soon. We won't rehome Dylan with small children due to his temperament and resource guarding of his belongings.

Please contact us today if you feel you can offer Dylan a forever home and another new start in life. Please call for more details. Here at Good Life we help many dogs from the stray kennels and help a huge amount of forgotten strays. Please visit our other dogs profiles to see many more ex stray dogs looking for homes. We are a small rescue dedicated to helping stray and abandoned dogs in Yorkshire. We run completely on volunteers and have very little funding. We are very active and dedicated in finding these dogs a new life and a happy home. We actively visit the stray kennels every week in order to support the dogs that are in desperate need. All our dogs are health checked, treated for fleas and worms and microchipped and neutered. We ensure loving homes and forever homes are matched with each individual dogs need. Please support adoption.
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