ROWAN - Puppy Chocolate Labrador

11 Months




Good (only dog home)

Quiet Adult home only






Good with other dogs:

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Rowan is one absolutely stunning young man. He sadly has come in to our care under difficult circumstances and a sad decision from his owner. Rowan loves people and has been good with other dogs when out and about. He sadly has some boundary issues and will need a home with adults only. He is a resource guarder. Resource guarding refers to a dog displaying behavior (growling, snapping, etc.) intended to convince other dogs or humans to stay away from a particular treasure or “resource.” The resource can be food, treats, toys, a place (a bed or favorite chair), etc. Sadly these issues are impossible to correct in a kennel environment and we are searching for a very experienced home and owner. This boy is only 11 months old and in order to help him we need to work with his issues out of a kennel environment. Rowan enjoys the outdoors and has been out walking in the woods with ourselves. He has met many people and enjoyed the attention without issues. He is typical of his breed and high spirited. Rowan will need an understanding owner and someone who is accepting of his issues and be prepared to work through them. We have a behaviourist in place and a programme to help any potential adopter however we still require an experienced owner who has a quiet home without children and other pets. He needs a human with a huge heart and an understanding that he is a rescue dog and will not be perfect. We have received a high volume of calls and applications however it is essential we find a local home in Yorkshire and surrounding counties so support can be given by ourselves and a behaviourist. A telephone call will be needed to discuss in more details so we can divulge more information about Rowans past problems. It is essential that we match Rowan within a rescue home that have an understanding of needs and are prepared to go the extra mile.

Rowan needs a rescue focused home that has some experience of dealing with issues. Due to his resource guarding issues he cannot live with children or other pets and needs a quiet home with an experienced person or couple who are used to dealing with problematic dogs. He cannot live in a home with visiting grandchildren. He has serious resource guarding issues that we can only discuss over the phone with matched potential adopters. Rowan is now castrated. He is a wonderful and a very loving young dog and will need a very active home and an outdoorsy lifestyle with lots of company and time and exercise. A home as an only dog is best suited so Rowan does not have pressures from other animals. Support will be given to any potential adopters from a behaviourist and we have a programme set in place. Phone calls will be made to discuss this beautiful young man. Please fill in an application by clicking on the adopt me button after reading the above details first. Please outline your experience of owning rescue dogs with issues. Thank you. Calls are also welcome. Please help and support.

It is important we match our dogs with people lifestyles. We help a huge amount of stray dogs and dogs left in difficult circumstances. Anyone wishing to discuss any dogs or needing more information about our charity and the work we do then please telephone for an informal chat or email us via our adopt button on this page with details about yourself and the dog you are enquiring about. Lifestyle details are important when considering adoption. All our rescue dogs have different needs. Good Life Dog Rescue exists without staff. We run completely on few volunteers and pay no wages. Please get in touch if you can offer any of our dogs a forever home. Click on the adoption form and complete an application. Thank you.
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