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ROSIE - Gorgeous Presa Canario





Good with other dogs:

Good with children:

Good with cats:

Approx 18 Months



Part of adoption

YES (only dog)
Adult home


Rosie came into care as a stray dog. She was petrified and has clearly suffered from some trauma and abuse in her life. After many months waiting at a stray kennels Rosie has turned corners. She can still be timid initially with strangers but is making incredible progress and has been going out on walks for the last six weeks. Rosie walks so well on her lead and now enjoys her cuddles with the people she knows. After her walks Rosie loves to bask in the sunshine next to you. She often rolls over for a belly rub and really does love the people time she receives. She brings a tear to your eye and has captured all our hearts due to knowing that this young dogs has clearly been mistreated. We cannot express how painful this is for people that work tirelessly to help dogs like Rosie. Rosie is extremely pretty and affectionate once she knows you mean her no harm. Whoever shows any interest in Rosie must be able to make regular visits to win her trust and spend time with her. She is such a sweet natured dog under her worried exterior. We desperately need to help her and so many other stray dogs like Rosie that are now just being pushed to the wayside. This girl needs a home and once trust has been won Rosie will love you unconditionally.

This stunning lady needs a calmer and quieter environment and an adopter that will give her time to adjust to a new life. Rosie has been mistreated but has so much love to give once she knows you. She is playful and would need a garden with a higher fence so she can come and go and have a routine. She loves the sunshine and would love to lay out in the sunshine albeit in the Winter months. We feel Rosie would benefit from a home with a couple or a person that enjoys a quiet life. She has shown no issues with other dogs at kennels but a home with dedicated time on a one to one would be more beneficial. A household with few visitors would be great for Rosie and someone who lives in quieter areas where she has calm walks. We don't want to place Rosie in a home with children. A home worker where Rosie would have lots of company would be ideal. We as always welcome calls to discuss any of our dogs. We are a charity that helps stray dogs in Yorkshire. We have many niche market ladies and gents and never give up hope of finding these abused and neglected dogs the life of luxury they truly deserve. If you have owned rescue dogs before and feel that you can offer Rosie the love, TLC and essential time she needs then we would love to hear from you. Calls are welcome to discuss. Rosie is amazing and one resilient dog in need.

Please note that Good Life is a self funded charity with no staff. We work hard to come back to people as soon as possible however daytime is spent walking and with our dogs and evenings are spent working through loads of admin. We exists with few volunteers and no paid staff. We receive hundreds of applications and work hard to respond to people as soon as possible. We thank people for their patience. All funding goes back into supporting stray dogs from local council pounds and not on wages. Support is always appreciated.

Rescue dogs have often suffered difficult lives and some form of trauma or abandonment. We ask people to consider the huge commitment and lifestyle change of owning and adopting a dog. Rescue dogs often need time to settle back into a home. This can take at least four to five weeks for dogs to feel settled and more secure. If you are dedicated and understand that all rescue dogs need time to adjust then we would love to hear from you.

We always have many rescue dogs in our care from the Yorkshire stray kennels and from very sad difficult circumstances. We are very active in helping strays and spend time meeting our dogs at the stray pounds. Please support adoption and fly a flag for the dogs in life that have little hope and no voice. These dogs are often sadly forgotten and a huge volume of abandoned Staffies and cross breed Staffies are left behind at local pounds. For any more details about the work we do please get in touch. Not all rescue dogs are damaged animals. They deserve a second chance to shine and a very special adopter to commit to giving them a chance in life. Support adoption today.
Good Life dog rescue
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