DANNI - Gorgeous cross Shepherd





Good with other dogs:

Good with children:

Good with cats:

Approx 5 years



Part of adoption

Yes (selective)
Older children


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This lady is gorgeous. She is super smart, very friendly and one special dog. She has the best ears that reach a point together often making a cone shape. This is very endearing. Although Danni did not come into our care as a stray we do have some history on her. Sadly we are unable to disclose publicly due to the difficult history and higher authorities known about her owner. More details will be given to any potential adopters. Danni has produced many puppies in her life so far and that is now about to stop. Danni is very clever, well trained and extremely loyal. She is uber smart and also very loving. She enjoys a belly rub and a roll in the grass. She has been very good with other dogs when out on her walks however as with most Shepherds she may possibly be protective of her home. Danni adores attention and affection and is obedient. She is easy to walk and really loves to be out on adventures. She listens to all commands given and needs to find someone extremely special in her life. There is no denying that Danni is extremely beautiful and of course she is as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. If you feel you are the right human for Danni and have a very special Shepherd loving home that please read on.

Danni is looking for a home that love Shepherds. This lady has been well trained however we are sadly unable to go into details about her past life. More details are available for any potential adopters. This beautiful girl is approx five year old. She loves her walks and time out of kennels and enjoys an adventure. She is also very loving and friendly and will be in her element back in a home. Danni has not shown any issues with otehr dogs when out walking and is very obedient. We feel due to her breed she needs a responsible owner who understands that this breed can sometimes be protective of property and their family unit. Danni has waited quite a while to find a home and gas been in kennels prior to coming into our charity care. We would love to hear from you and are able to discuss Danni in more details with any suitable potential adopters. Please fill in an application. Larger breed dogs often struggle to find a new home. We have many in our care.

Please note that Good Life is a small self funded charity with no staff. We work hard to come back to people as soon as possible however daytime is spent walking and with our dogs. Wr receive hundreds of applications and work hard to respond to people as soon as possible. We thank people for their patience.

Rescue dogs have often suffered difficult lives and some form of trauma or abandonment. We ask people to consider the huge commitment and lifestyle change of owning and adopting a dog. Rescue dogs often need time to settle back into a home. This can take at least four to five weeks for dogs to feel settled and more secure. If you are dedicated and understand that all rescue dogs need time to adjust then we would love to hear from you.

We always have many rescue dogs in our care from the Yorkshire stray kennels and from very sad difficult circumstances. We are very active in helping strays and spend time meeting our dogs at the stray pounds. Please support adoption and fly a flag for the dogs in life that have little hope and no voice. These dogs are often sadly forgotten and a huge volume of abandoned Staffies and cross breed Staffies are left behind at local pounds. For any more details about the work we do please get in touch. Not all rescue dogs are damaged animals. They deserve a second chance to shine and a very special adopter to commit to giving them a chance in life. Support adoption today.
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