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Stanley cam into our care from the stray kennels as an abandoned senior Stafford. This loving dog is ten years old later this year. Sadly he is finding kennels quite stressful. This is very normal behaviour for many Staffies who often struggle in isolation and without their humans. At present we are working flat out to keep our dogs extremely happy and exercised with as much human interaction as possible. Stanley is absolutely lovely. Stanley has recently had surgery to remove the lump on his back leg and a small cyst on his eyelid. He is recovering well and we desperately search to find him a forever love. We feel the reason for Stans abandonment was the lump on his leg. This was not cancer. Although we refrain from comments this is sadly a huge part of life and a sad fact of cruelty to senior dogs that have given so much love to their owners for many years. Stan was seen by our vet as a priority and we are dedicated in finding him a special human who will cherish him and offer a five star retirement home. Stanley is loving, friendly and has shown no issues with other dogs. A preferred home is as the only dog with so much attention he won't know what to do with it. He could potentially live with a very calm older female that is super friendly toward him. He needs calm, comforts and so much love and TLC. Please read on.
Stanley is looking for a five star retirement home. He loves his walks and although ten years he needs exercise. He would suit a retired person or couple who loves Staffords and need company. This would be perfect for Stan. A few steady walks a day, lots of cuddles and love and a space on the sofa. Perfect! Stan has shown no issues with other dogs however he needs a calm home with attention and to be the apple of your eye. A home with a steady calm natured female could possible suit our boy too. Stanley has received a full health check in our care and has had the lump removed as well as castration. A forever home and a new start is what is needed. Company is key, steadier walks and the love of a human is essential for his well being. Stanley is not a happy chap in kennels so a home as soon as he has received his veterinary care is priority. Please get in touch. We are receiving a huge volume of calls and applications at present. Calls are the easiest way to contact us. Our charity helps a huge volume of stray dogs and we have no staff.

Good Life Dog Rescue are a small charity dedicated to helping stray dogs in Yorkshire. We remain very active in the work we do although we exist only on few volunteers who are mainly weekend walkers. It is important that all our dogs have a happy life and a forever home and we ensure both humans and hounds are always well matched and love each other dearly. Please be in touch to make an appointment to meet our dogs or for more details we welcome calls. We are huge supporters of helping stray dogs and hounds that are struggling in difficult situations. We welcome calls to discuss adoption of some very special dogs. Staffords make very loving reliable additions to homes. Despite negative press they are very special human focused dogs. We are huge flag flyers for this breed. Please support.
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