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4 Years



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We collected Eliza from the stray kennels having seen her the day before. She is 4 years old, very loving and friendly and as with many staffies has had a turbulent life. Eliza loves people and sadly struggles to be left alone. Separation anxiety is very common in rescue dogs due to being abandoned and having no structure in their life. Pillar to post for many of them is an understatement to say the least. Eliza is very sweet and loves her walks. She is quite high energy and can be a little over giddy and will mouth a little. We are working with this and she is improving greatly. She enjoys nothing better than being your world and adores a fuss and cuddle and a knee to perch on. This loving dog has also been very accepting of other dogs when out and about. More assessments with other dogs will be undertaken this weekend. Eliza is a beautiful Stafford and very deserving of a new life and a fresh start with someone who will love her dearly.
Eliza is looking for an active home where she will have plenty of company and walks. She loves adventures and being with her humans and needs a home whwre she will not be left for long hours. A home where someone works from home would be ideal so she is not left alone due to her separation anxiety. Once in a home Eliza will gain even more trust and confidence and will be more accepting of being left. Time to settle in is very important for rescue dogs and Staffords are extremely people focused dogs. We would like to find Eliza that special someone very soon so she can escape isolation and progress in the arms of a human that will care and cherish her possibly for the first time in life. This Staffy lady is sweet and very loving yet at present is struggling in kennels. A new start and lots of exercise is key. Eliza is possibly best suited to a home as the only girl or with a nice natured male dog. Older children with an understanding of dogs is best suited for this special girl.

Good Life Dog Rescue are a small charity dedicated to helping stray dogs in Yorkshire. We remain very active in the work we do although we exist only on volunteers. It is important that all our 
dogs have a happy life and a forever home and we ensure both humans and hounds are always well matched and love each other dearly. Please be in touch to make an appointment to meet our dogs or for more details on Eliza. We are huge supporters of Staffords and fly a flag high for this neglected and abused breed. Stray kennels are often bursting with Staffies who receive negative press despite being a very loving, reliable and loyal breed of dog. We welcome calls to discuss adoption of this amazing breed of dog.
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