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Leaha and Charlie have had a tough ordeal of late and struggled with a terrible abandonment. These two loving dogs were abandoned in a forrest the week before 
Christmas. They love each other and have found life quite an ordeal over the last month. They were collected by the stray kennels after a passer by found them hiding in a lane. Initially both dogs were very frightened and extremely bewildered. Over a period of time they have turned the corner and as long as they have each other they feel safe. They feel safe together and cuddle up. They are a bonded pair and need each other. They have settled in well and are now having plenty of exercise together and sharing a kennel. Leaha is the more confident of the two dogs and needs extra time to adjust. She can be nervous of some people but adores cuddles and a fuss once she knows you mean her no harm. Although Charlie does bark with excitement on meet and greets he also is one very special loving gent and a typical Collie mix. Leaha is playful and a chunky lady whereas Charlie is more laid back and is the more submissive of the two. Both these dogs are a bonded pair and look for each other for reassurance. This is understandable due to the terrible time they have endured at the hands of their owner. A new beginning is urgently needed in an experienced home. Do you have room for two?
Leaha and Charlie adore each other. They need a home together and we will not split them although we do know it is a big ask for an adopter. Both dogs are extremely affectionate and very close. Leaha can be wary of strangers due to being frightened. Once she knows you mean her no harm she is very happy and will lick you to death. Charlie is the more submissive of the two. It is quite common for the lady of the pair to be the more confident. Leaha loves to play and will throw toys around the run although isn't great at 
retrieving. A very special home is needed and preferably someone with space and a home to accommodate two larger dogs. Leaha can be initially strong on the harness but does slow down once out and about. Both Leaha and Charlie have been vaccinated and a new home is needed as soon as possible. We appeal to the minority out there to find a very loving and experienced home for our two new additions at Good Life. We will not split these dogs as they are so bonded and find security and comfort with each other. Please enquire for more details. We feel our adorable pair need a home as the only dogs and with no children.
It is important we match our dogs with people lifestyles. We help a huge amount of stray dogs and the majority are bull breeds. Leaha and Charlie are just one of many homeless dogs in our rescue care. Anyone wishing to discuss any dogs or needing more information about our charity and the work we do then please telephone for an informal chat or email us via our adopt button on this page with details about yourself and the dog you are enquiring about. Lifestyle details are important when considering adoption. All our rescue dogs have different needs. Good Life Dog Rescue exists without staff and few dedicated, passionate volunteers. Please support through adoption. Both these dogs deserve a bight an happy future and a new life as soon as possible.
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