MEET LOKI - Handsome Akita cross Husky





Good with other dogs:

Good with children:

Good with cats:

Approx 6 Years




Yes (only dog)

Older childn


Loki is another large breed chap from the local stray kennels in need of a home. He is absolutely stunning and a bigger handsome dude. He loves his walks and despite being a bigger chap is easily managed and walks very well. We feel Loki is approx five years old due to a few grey hairs. His teeth are lovely and sadly he was not microchipped. Loki is now fully vaccinated ad will be castrated prior any adoption. He loves a fuss and attention and although he has shown no major issues with otehr dogs at kennels we feel he needs to be an only dog. Loki has been loving the woodlands and his adventures and is in his element having fun. He doesn't matter how cold it is due to always wearing a fur coat. Loki is a happy fella. Akita's are very loyal dogs in their family unit and bond within this circle. They are known to be aloof with strangers. Loki loves all of us at kennels and will need a new start in a home that love a large breed boy. If you feel Loki is the dog for you then please read on.

Loki needs a home with love and company. A home best suited is one as an only dog. Although he has shown no issues we feel he is best suited in a home that are experienced and have an understanding of his breed and his needs. Loki needs a home with older children or an active couple that love to walk. This boy will need regular brushing and an awareness of how to keep him cool in the Summer months. Loki likes company. He also loves home comforts and is very deserving of a new start as soon as possible. Sadly large breed dogs are often the last to find homes. We have quite a few in our care who are still searching for the love of their life despite many many appeals. If you have an enclosed larger garden are fit and active and have the space to accommodate a larger breed dog then we would love to hear from you.

Rescue dogs have often suffered difficult lives and some from of trauma. We ask people to consider the huge commitment and lifestyle change of owning and adopting a dog. Dogs need time to settle back into a home. This can be an immediate thing or take at least four to five weeks. If you are dedicated and understand that all rescue dogs need time to adjust then we would love to hear from you.
We work hard to match all humans and hounds together so a life of love and happiness is had by all. Our charity exists with no paid staff and few volunteers. We are a very small self funded charity who are passionate about the stray and abandoned dogs in Yorkshire. We thank you for your patience during these difficult times.

Good Life Dog Rescue is a self funded Dog Rescue charity. We are dedicated and passionate about helping stray dogs in Yorkshire and finding new beginnings for them all. We desperately aim to put many dogs pain and suffering and abandonment behind them and aim to find them the love and life they deserve. Our main aim is the stray and abandoned dogs that have no one in life and little chance of a future. We try and help many dogs that are left in extremely difficult circumstances in Yorkshire. The welfare of our dogs is always precedence to us and we work hard to match all our adopters and dogs together. Happy humans and hounds are very important as owning a dog is a lifetime commitment. Please contact us for more details regarding any of our dogs including Clifford. Adoption is a crucial part of keeping our charity afloat. We exist with little funds and we exist only with few volunteers.
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