ZAC - Adorable, loving, friendly Stafford





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9-10 Years




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Zac is a stunning beautiful Black Stafford. We found him at a local stray kennels hiding in the back of his kennel. He was one very sad and nervous boy who wasn't coping well in kennels. Once out of kennels he would come for a love and a cuddle. Now in our care Zac has come on leaps and bounds. He is now recovering from a mild kennel cough and is loving his walks and his interactions in the isolation fields. This boy is 9 years old, fit and active and healthy. He is so happy in company and loves people so much. He has been someones special boy and sadly we have no history of Zacs past life. Zac has been very unwilling to eat his food in kennels so we have been sitting with him. Once in company this boy will munch along through his food with no problems. We find this very sad and are now trying to send extra time with him just so he can have a fuss and company in his kennel. We are 100% sure once back in a home this lovely dog will give a sigh of relief that he has at last come home. Due to Zac have mild kennel cough we have not assessed him properly with other dogs due to risk of spreading the virus.
Zac is searching for a home that can shower him with love and company. This is what our new boy craves the most out of life. Zac is very friendly and will need his walks every day. At 9 years old Zac is not a doddery boy. Staffies can live to a ripe old age and are a very hardly breed. Someone who will to leave Zac for long hours alone would be ideal due to him struggling so much without a home for so long. We feel this handsome dude could live with older children in a quieter and laid back home. Due to not being able to assess him with other dogs we are not sure as yet whether Zac can live with another dog in the home. More details on this will follow. We welcome enquiries about you regarding Zac and his adoption procedure.

Good Life Dog Rescue is a self funded Dog Rescue charity. We are dedicated and passionate about helping stray dogs in Yorkshire and finding new beginnings for them all. We desperately aim to put many dogs pain and suffering and abandonment behind them and aim to find them the love and life they deserve. Our main aim is the stray and abandoned dogs that have no one in life and little chance of a future. We try and help many dogs that are left in extremely difficult circumstances in Yorkshire. The welfare of our dogs is always president to us and we work hard to match all our adopters and dogs together. Happy humans and hounds are very important as owning a dog is a lifetime commitment. Please contact us for more details regarding our dogs and Zac. Adoption is a crucial part of keeping our charity afloat. We exist with little funds and we do not pay staff.
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