BRENDA - Friendly young Staffy Cross





Good with other dogs:

Good with children:

Good with cats:

Approx 10 months



As part of adoption


Older Children


There is no question that Brenda  is gorgeous. She is super loving and adores being in your arms and having a love and a cuddle. This sweet lady found herself homeless and at the stray kennels at only 10 months old. Brenda is a typical pup of a Staffy and as with many she has found herself unwanted and abandoned. Staffords are high energy dogs and need lots of exercise and stimulation. Typical of her staffy breed. She is looking for a home that will adore her this time around and understand that owning a dog is a huge commitment for your life and also the dogs. Brenda is loving her interactions, woodland walks and most of all enjoying her people time. Brenda seems very accepting of other dogs and has been no problem with the other hounds at the kennels. Brenda does mouth and is over giddy at times however this is normal and typical of young dogs that have often been taken away from their mothers and siblings at too younger age. We are working with her and trying hard to Chanel her energies into burn off exercises and playtimes. Brenda is absolutely 
adorable to say the least and we need a Staffy lover who understands the needs of a pup with combined guidance. We adore her at Good Life.

Brenda is looking for a home that love her breed. We feel she will be happiest in a home that can offer much needed love and company. She will need further guidance and training and a home with no young children due to her mouthing. Brenda has been great with other dogs at the kennels and we feel a nice natured young male dog would suit her temperament. She loves playtimes and a dog that can play and burn off energy with would be a bonus for Brenda. This youngster has captured all our hearts despite her high energy antics. Anyone interested in meeting her please do get in touch. Here at Good Life we help a huge volume of stray and abandoned Staffies. Local stray kennels are bursting with these forgotten dogs of all ages. We fly a flag high for them.
Please contact us for more details about yourself and the home you can offer any of our dogs. Fall in love with a rescue dog. Open up your home and give these dogs a chance of a new life please. Good Life Dog Rescue help many rescue dogs and mainly Staffies from the Yorkshire stray kennels. We are dedicated to helping these forgotten dogs who are very often the last to find new homes. Please support our charity who exists solely without staff. We are a voluntary organisation. Please call or email for any more details about this little peach of a Staffy and the adoption process. Appointments to meet our dogs are needed.
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