STORM - Beautiful young Stafford





Good with other dogs:

Good with children:

Good with cats:

Approx 18 months



Part of adoption

Yes (only dog home)

Adult home


Storm has come into care from the stray kennels. She has been a very nervous and frightened youngster. On arrival Storm would hide and shy away and found everyone frightening. This pretty youngster came into care with another dog who was desperately underweight and in poor condition. Both Storm and Cinders has had a difficult life at the hands of a human. Over the last week Storm has been out of her kennel and running in a grassed paddock. This has built her confidence and with regular strokes and cuddles she has eventually turned a corner. She is now enjoying walks away from the kennels and enjoying outside adventures and one to one people time. This young Stafford is a loving dog and is slowly realising that life isn't too bad after all.
Storm needs a home that is cal and quiet. She loves attention and will need time to adjust in a new home. This song lady adores her walks and cuddles however due to her past life and 
recent ordeal we feel a home with teenage children and adults are best suited. Storm has been very accepting of other dogs when out however is now gaining confidence. We prefer to rehome her as an only dog were she would be given all the attention and not put under any added pressures to mix. She is now proving herself to be very loving and is gaining trust and turning corners every day. Watch this space for more details. Please get in touch of you feel you are the special individual for Storm.
Please contact us for more details about yourself and the home you can offer any of our dogs via an application form. Fall in love with a rescue dog. Open up your home and give these dogs a chance and a new life please. Good Life Dog Rescue help many rescue dogs and from the Yorkshire stray kennels. We are dedicated to helping these forgotten dogs who are very often the last to find new homes and have struggled with neglect and abuse. Please support our charity who exists solely without staff. We are a small voluntary organisation. Please call or email for any more details about yourself and the adoption process. Appointments to meet our dogs are needed.
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