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Approx one Years



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Adult home


This young lady has found herself homeless and at the local stray kennels in Yorkshire. She has had a sad start in life and now is starting a new happy chapter. We ensure she finds the perfect adopter and lifetime commitment she needs. Luna is only one year old and is a high energy large Greyhound cross lady. She is cross breed so is chunky and will need a stronger owner. She has now been vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms and is microchipped. Luna is a high energy dog and will need a very active and responsible home. She will be spayed as a priority. Due to her Sighthound breed she will not be able to live with cats or small furries and will need a responsible owner when out. Sighthounds are very prey driven and will chase. A responsible adopter is needed where she will not be let off lead. Luna has been out on some woodland walks with our volunteers and absolutely loves it. She walks great on a double clip lead and is one very loving and affectionate young dog. She is strong on the lead if on a long line and being a typical puppy will jump and bounce. Our larger lady needs boundaries and some guidance and classes would be essential to keep her socialised if possible. Luna is very affectionate and good natured and loves people. Kennel life is not her her due to her sad background and isolation in her past home. Luna has had a rubbish start in life and we are searching for an experienced large breed home where someone will have time for lots of walks and most of all love and TLC. smaller dogs.
Luna is extremely affectionate and a very large girl. She needs a special home with experience of owning Lurchers and Greyhounds. This young lady will need lots of exercise and someone prepared to offer training and guidance. At one year old her boundaries need to be firm and fair so she will continue to grow into a well rounded adult lady with a fabulous nature. Luna is a stunning dog who often gets lots of admiring glances. She needs lots of company and a home here she will not be left alone for long hours. Comforts  love and comforts are a must have. Anyone used to larger Greyhounds would be amazing for this ladies future home and adoption. A preferred home is an the only dog where someone has time for training and continued socialising. We are extremely happy to speak with people regarding adoption of our dogs. Please note we are a very small charity with no staff and work extremely hard to manage applications and calls. We will try our best to come back to people as son as possible. We are happy for calls after 6 0'clock in the evenings.
Please contact us for more details about yourself and the home you can offer any of our dogs via an application form. Fall in love with a rescue dog. Open up your home and give these dogs a chance and a new life please. Good Life Dog Rescue help many rescue dogs and from the Yorkshire stray kennels. We are dedicated to helping these forgotten dogs who are very often the last to find new homes and have struggled with neglect and abuse. Please support our charity who exists solely without staff. We are a small voluntary organisation. Please call or email for any more details about yourself and the adoption process. Appointments to meet our dogs are needed.
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