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Axel came into our care under difficult circumstances. This amazing four year old Stafford is diagnosed with Hydroxyglutaric Aciduria or L-2-HGA. This is a recessive disorder that affects the central nervous system of the dog. Symptoms of the disease include some or all of the following, epileptic seizures, "wobbly" gait, tremors, muscle stiffness as a result of exercise or excitement. At present Axel suffers from intermittent wobbles. He is able to walk for approx 20 minutes and then the tremors start which affects his balance and leg co-ordination. This dog is adorable. We love him 
dearly and he certainly has been through the mill. Since coming into our care he has had numerous vet visits and x-rays. After may weeks we referred Axel to a specialist vets in Derby where he underwent a brain scan. His condition is now diagnosed. Although there is no cure for this brain disease our aim as always is to move forward an find this beautiful dog a forever home and a happy life. Sadly we do not know how the disease or when it will progress however he may suffers seizures in the future. Axel deserves a life of love and is one very affectionate Stafford. We adore him and appeal for a very special someone.
As a matter of urgency Axel needs home comforts and to be out of kennels. Someone who is at home most of the day is important so we can monitor his 
progress. Axel needs short walks throughout the day and he cannot be over excited or exercised too much. This will result in his wobbles. He adores company, cuddles and is super clean in the home. Axel will need an enclosed garden and some dedicated to his welfare and future happiness. He can be reactive to some dogs so a home as the only dog is needed. He needs to be calm and in a quiet home where he will not be too giddy. A home with adults and older children is needed. At present there is no treatment for L2HGA. Axel is on a special diet and many supplements as discussed with the specialist vet. We are hoping that we may see some slight improvement and keep everything crossed for this amazing boy. Axel is in heaven with his people and is upset in kennels. Please consider and give us a call on 07843 151819 if you feel you can help Axel in any way.
We are passionate about helping stray and abandoned dogs and we have many in our care from the Yorkshire pounds and very difficult circumstances. We help a huge volume that are struggling to find rescue at the Yorkshire stray kennels and help many many bull breeds too. Due to misconceptions and bad press rescue dogs often struggle to find loving homes. Not all rescue dogs are damaged animals and they deserve love and a dedicated owner. Many are suffering from conditions and illness that need on-going care. Please contact us for more details about our Axel and essential details about yourself. Support is crucial to our small charity who exists entirely on volunteers. We have no staff just a passion for the welfare of stray dogs in Yorkshire.
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