BLOSSOM - Gorgeous neglected Cross breed





Good with other dogs:

Good with children:

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Approx 4-5 year



Part of adoption


Older children only


What can we say about this beautiful larger Staffy cross? Blossom was left waiting at the stray kennels. She has a 
tumor on her front right leg, mammary tumours and a tumour on her private parts. This lady has certainly suffered neglect and been used without doubt to produce puppies for someone. Blossom is amazing and can teach us humans a thing about life for sure. One super affectionate sweet natured dog is she despite the abuse she has received. Our new girl loves cuddles, people and despite her past life and ordeal she is full of enthusiasm for everyone. Blossom is never down in the dumps and she has captured our hearts at Good Life. Tail wags in abundance and a smile from ear to ear is her greeting for everyone. Animals are very forgiving and very resilient creatures no matter what life throws at them. It's hard to know whether this makes your heart even heavier at times because of this sad reality. Blossom has already seen our vet and has had blood samples and biopsies on four of her lumps. We remain positive that these are not cancer. Whatever the outcome Blossom will be having surgery to remove these lumps and our aim is as always to find her the love of her life and to make her well and healthy again. This big lady has been brilliant with everyone human and hound and we ensure a happy ever after awaits her. No more babies for Blossom and a bright future in a very loving home.
As with all our dogs our aim is to find Blossom a kind human that will adore and cherish her unconditionally. She really does deserve a new start as soon as possible. Blossom loves attention and will need exercise and walks once she has recovered from her surgery. We welcome enquiries from potential foster homes where she wouldn't be left for long hours. Mammary tumour surgery can be quite intrusive so careful aftercare is needed. Anyone wishing to offer Blossom a forever loving home would be amazing once her surgery is complete and she has fully recovered. More details and photos will be available of Blossom very soon. We as always love this girl and welcome enquiries.
Here at Good Life Dog Rescue we help many stray and abandoned dogs in Yorkshire and a huge amount of Staffies. These dogs have nobody and many are in need of veterinary care and operations. We help a huge volume of these forgotten dogs and are massive flag flyers for this misunderstood breed who are often abused and neglected. Staffies are very loving, reliable dogs and despite misconceptions they make special companions and have a huge deep connection with people and families. Please support us through adoption of our homeless hounds. We welcome phone calls and to have a conversation about the work we do for the Yorkshire strays.
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