CHLOE & Chase - Gorgeous Duo





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6 Months & 1 Year

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Yes (with Chase)



Both Chase and Chloe came into our care a few weeks ago as two very nervous dogs. They were frightened of everything.Chase is a one year old Saluki and Chloe is a Deerhound cross Saluki of six months old. These two beautiful dogs have experienced nothing of the outside world at all and were unable to walk on a lead. Chase was absolutely petrified on arrival. We are extremely overjoyed with much time and effort that both our sweethearts have turned corners. Although still a little timid they are now going out walking on woodland walks. They are now enthusiastic and love the adventure and attention. They now look for cuddles and enjoy contact and now are very very happy being out of kennels and walking. These two rescue dogs have had a troubled life and experienced nothing except a garden  Although we are unable to go into too many details about their past as always we move forward in finding a brighter future with kind and loving adopters. Our aims are high to help and support stray dogs that have struggled in life. These two youngsters are a prime example of a past life best forgotten. Chase and Chloe share a kennel and are a bonded pair who love each other and find comfort with each other. They need a home together and we will not split them up. Chloe has turned corners much easier than Chase due to being a very young puppy however the progress they have made has been uplifting. We continue to work hard and find these two loving dogs a life of love and luxury.

Chloe and Chase need a home together. Although we know this is a big ask these two dogs are a bonded pair and find comfort from each other. Both are great with other dogs however a home where they will be the only dogs is needed. A quieter home with an enclosed garden is needed and someone prepared to dedicate time and patience and so much love is essential. Chase and Chloe love attention but will need a calm home without young children in a less busy environment. These two dogs are very deserving of a loving home and we desperately search for a very special rescue flag flying home that will work hard to keep making progress. Please get in touch to discuss further.

We help many stray and abandoned dogs in Yorkshire from the local stray kennels. We are very active in the work we do and the welfare of strays dogs in the UK and mainly Yorkshire is of the utmost importance to us. We survive on very little funds and no staff, yet help many dogs and in particularly dogs in need of veterinary help and Staffies who are often left behind in the stray kennels.

It is important we match our dogs with people lifestyles. We help a huge amount of stray dogs and the majority are bull breeds due to flying a flag for the stray kennels in Yorkshire. Anyone wishing to discuss any dogs or needing more information about our charity and the work we do then please telephone for an informal chat or email us via our adopt button on this page with details about yourself and the dog you are enquiring about. Lifestyle details are important when considering adoption. All our rescue dogs have different needs so please read details.
Good Life Dog Rescue exists without staff and few dedicated, passionate volunteer walkers. One person is responsible for vet runs, visits to the stray kennels and all aspects of admin including the website, applications and FB. Lots of walking is done by everyone at Good Life to ensure all our dogs are happy. Their welfare every day is crucial to us. Please be patient when applying for dogs as we are always extremely busy and cannot come back to people's applications in record speed and during the daytime due to time spent with the dogs. Patience and kindness is appreciated. Please support adoption. 
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