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MEET WINNIE - Gorgeous Brindle Stafford





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18 months


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Winnie is one adorable beautiful young Brindle Stafford. She is eighteen months old and sadly came into our care after altercations with another female dog in the home. This is very common with two bull breeds when puppies reach a certain age and dominate often rears its ugly head. Prior to this Winnie has grown up and loved the other female Stafford of the home. For the safety of both dogs we were happy to help Winnie and support the family that were very heartbroken to have to let Winnie be surrendered to us. Winnie has settled in great. Initially she was very worried but has now come out of her shell and loves her walks. She is a stunning dog and will need a special Stafford loving owner that can offer lots of time, affection and exercise. Winnie has not shown any issues with other dogs at kennels however she will not be rehomed with other pets. If you feel you can offer this lady a new life and home then we would love to hear from you. Please read on.

Winnie is looking for an active home where she will have company and attention. We feel she would be happy to be left for a few hours however not for long periods of time. Winnie has previously lived with kids however a home with older sensible children is a must. She is one special Stafford who deserves a real and a new start in life. A home as an only dog is a must and someone that loves and adores and understands bull breeds. For more details on Winnie and our other dogs please get in touch. We are a hands on active charity that have many bull breeds in our care. Most of the dogs are from local stray kennels. Winnie is an exception and we were happy to be here to offer the help needed. We welcome calls and as always ask people to fill in an application after reading the details of the home Winnie needs.

We help many stray and abandoned dogs in Yorkshire from the local stray kennels. We are very active in the work we do and the welfare of strays dogs in the UK and mainly Yorkshire is of the utmost importance to us. We survive on very little funds and no staff, yet help many dogs and in particularly dogs in need of veterinary help and Staffies who are often left behind in the stray kennels.

We ask people to be aware that we cannot reserve dogs for months at a time. Our charity is small and we have many dogs to care for every day. Our vet bills and kennelling bills are very large. Rehoming is a crucial part of keeping a charity afloat. If you have holidays planned or other commitments please only apply for our homeless dogs when your circumstances can provide a home for our dogs. We would love to hear from any rescue flag flying people as we struggle with a huge amount of unwanted animals. Due to the aftermath of the pandemic stray kennels are full and charities like ours with no staff are finding it difficult to help such a huge volume of animals. By adopting you will be freeing up a space for another urgent stray dog from a Yorkshire pound. Thank you.

Good Life Dog Rescue exists without staff and few dedicated volunteer walkers. One person is responsible for vet runs, visits to the stray kennels and all aspects of admin including the website, applications and FB. Lots of walking is done by everyone at Good Life to ensure all our dogs are happy. Their welfare every day is crucial to us. Please be patient when applying for dogs as we are always extremely busy and cannot come back to people's applications in record speed and during the daytime due to time spent with the dogs. Patience and kindness is appreciated. Please support adoption. 
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