JEMIMA - Wire haired Lurcher





Good with other dogs:

Good with children:

Good with cats:

Approx 3 Years



Part of adoption

Yes (selective)

Older children


Jemima is a young lady down on her luck. This fussy lady is very sweet natured and friendly however very nervous of new people. Initially she can be very wary of strangers and especially men. We found this loving girl at the stray kennels very underweight and hiding in her kennel. She does a little dance at the front of her kennel and really does enjoy her walks once she knows you. Sadly Jemima has struggled along in our care for quite a while. Although she has had some interest and meet and greets due to her nervous demeanour this can be off putting for many potential adopters. We feel this girl will be best suited in a female home where someone has time to spend with her. Reassurance and patience is key to this dogs well being. Due to a difficult pst her fear of strangers can be very sad to see. She absolutely loves the male walkers who have gained her trust over a period of time. Any potential adopters need to be dedicated to extra visits to meet her on a regular basis. Jemima is typical of her Lurcher breed and and would chase if off lead. She can be skittish when out and very busy and alert. Jemima is very affectionate, however will need time to 
build up trust with new people. Sadly there is no quick fix and due to her unknown past we are sure she has been abused and been very fearful at the hands of certain humans especially men. Our pretty lady came into our care from the stray kennels and she was another sad dog who hasn't had the best life. Jemima has come on leaps and bounds in our care however she is still nervous and timid with anyone that she doesn't know initially. We are overjoyed at her progress and welcome enquiries regarding her adoption from Lurcher experienced homes and dedicated dog rescue individuals.
Jemima needs a home that understand the Sighthound Breed. She will chase anything that moves fast. So no small furries and caution is needed around smaller dogs too. Jemima has been good with other dogs but can be a little nervous and selective at times. Due to her being so nervous of strangers we feel an extra added pressure to mix with other dogs in a home would be too much. She needs attention on her, guidance and much love shown in a quieter environment. She has been extremely affectionate with our regular volunteer walkers who know and love her dearly. We are unsure how well she has been socialised so a home as the only dog is preferred. This stunning girl has so much love to give. She needs time to settle in a home with someone who can offer lots of guidance and patience for her to adjust. 
Enquires and applications are always welcome online and phone calls after 6 o'clock evenings.
We help many stray and abandoned dogs in Yorkshire from the local stray kennels. We are very active in the work we do and the welfare of strays dogs in the UK and mainly Yorkshire is of the utmost importance to us. We survive on very little funds and no staff, yet help many dogs and in particularly dogs in need of veterinary help and Staffies who are often left behind in the stray kennels. Please contact us for more details about any of our other dogs or to have an informal chat about the work we do. We welcome any visitors to the kennels via appointments to meet some very special dogs. We are now up to our absolute limit of intake dogs and are working flat out to sustain our rescue applications at present.
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