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4 Years



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Sasha is one very loving and cuddle monster Stafford. She is happiest in the arms of her people and being the centre of your world. Centre stage if you please for our character little lady. Sasha loves her walks, attention and being with her people. At four years old she has a long life in front of her and our aim to to make it a very happy and forever home with loving adopters. Rescue people that cherish their pets no matter what are a must for our small charity. Although new into our care she can be selective of other dogs and reactive if challenged. She has been out walking with Alfie out Labrador cross and she loves him. Dogs that show no threat are often accepting by confident little ladies like Sasha. We found our new girl at the front of her kennel at the stray kennels. Of corse she was wagging herself in two and was wearing a smashing fluffy knitted jumper. There was no question we would be taking her. Stafford lovers step this way to meet this little each.

Sasha is looking for an active home where he will have lots of adventures, playtimes and fun. Shee loves people and attention and we are now working with her to help make her more sociable with other dogs. Staffies can be dominant and confident dogs and homes as only dogs are preferred by our charity. Pressures to mix in homes can be difficult unless we know our dogs are what we call "Bomb Proof".Sasha loves a fuss and will need a home that love to go for walks and are not into just a couch potato lifestyle. Sasha will be fully vaccinated and health checked, treated for fleas and worms and she can be spayed before Christmas under our neutering scheme. A home with lots of company and where she won't be left for very long hours would be amazing for this lady. Sasha has had a tough time of late and a happy ever after is long overdue.  Anyone loving The Stafford Breed will agree that this little lady is beautiful and a real character who is extremely endearing.
for more details and to make an appointment to meet Sasha please send further details about yourself and the home you can offer this amazing and loving little Stafford.
We are a small charity who pay no staff and exists completely on volunteers. We take a huge volume of dogs from the stray kennels in Yorkshire and are huge flag flyers for the Stafford breed.  We welcome phone calls about our charity and our dogs after 6 o'clock and emails about yourself and lifestyle. We would love to hear from you Stafford loving individuals out there.
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