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MEET DEXTER - Small French Bulldog





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3 Years



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Dexter is a lovely very small French Bulldog with love to give. He is a tiny timid little dog at the moment and sadly was tied up and abandoned with a bag of food. Dexter is a sad little chap at the moment but we are hoping that he will come into his own with some serious tic and home comforts. To add insult to a traumatic abandonment Dexter is yet again another bull breed in need of cherry eye surgery. This is a simple procedure and we have had many dogs that have had this surgery. We are hoping that Dexter will be snapped up now he has a profile page and we can have his operation once he is settled in a loving home. Dexter loves his walks and enjoys company on a one to one. We feel he needs a quieter home without added pressures from a busy environment. This handsome little man is nearly three years old. He has shown no issues around otehr dogs and has met Alma our Beagle on numerous occasions. Dexter has been fully health checked and vaccinated and despite an unsightly cherry eye is is absolutely beautiful. This young man deserves his time to shine in a home where he will be loved, cherished and adored. Cruelty is rife n Yorkshire and we are reaching out to people to help the ever increasing volume of stray dogs. If you are interested in Dexter then please read on about the sort of home this lovely little French Bulldog needs.

Dexter above all else in life needs someone to love him. Underneath his nervous exterior we are confident that there is a fun loving playful little dog waiting to get out. Dexter is timid at the moment however very loving. Ideally we feel he needs a home that is not too busy and ideally with a couple or older children. Dexter is only small but enjoys his walks and the outdoors. He would love a garden to explore and hopefully once he has found his feet he will enjoy playtimes and a sunspot. At the moment Dexter is looking for a home where he will not be put under too many pressures and given the time to adjust and desensitise. Kennels for our rescue are only meant as a temporary measure. Many dogs are worried and stressed and extremely sad. Home comforts are needed as soon as possible. This little man would benefit from a home with plenty of company with someone that would not leave him as a lonely dog all day. Company, time, patience and love go a long way for many broken souls. A home that have time for regular walks, company and love would be perfect. Dexter walks like a dream and would make someone a special loyal friend. Please support adoption. We would love to hear from you.

Rescue dogs have often suffered difficult lives and some form of trauma due to abandonment. We ask people to consider the huge commitment and lifestyle change of owning and adopting a dog. Rescue dogs need time to settle back into a home. This can be an immediate thing or take at least four to five weeks. If you are dedicated and understand that all rescue dogs need time to adjust then we would love to hear from you. Please consider the huge commitment of dog ownership. Thank you.

Our charity is very small. We work hard to support the dogs left behind at stray kennels. We pay no wages and do not have staff so are extremely busy. We are snowed under with dogs and appeal for support and adoption support. Foster homes are also needed. Support, patience and kind words are always appreciated.
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