OLLIE - Neglected, abused young Stafford





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18 Months







Ollie has come into our care from the stray kennels. He has now been in our care a full week and we have given him time to settle and the peace and quiet he needs. Ollie is very nervous and one frightened boy. He struggles to walk and is even scared of leaves. We feel Ollie has struggled in life and been in a home that have shown him some abuse. Ollie will cower if he even mess's in his kennel. He will curl up as if he is expecting some punishment. This week we have been sitting with Ollie and have put two chairs in his kennel. Once this amazing youngster knows you mean him no harm he will come for a fuss and a cuddle. He loves to wrap his arms around you arms and perch there having a love. We know given time that Ollie will come around and forget his past. he has already started his journey to recover and the stray kennels loved him. Sadly Ollie also has mange. This is now being treated in our care and it will get better. He as no fur on his back and a very poor coat. Ollie is very sweet and affectionate and has so much more to give.

Ollie is looking for a quiet, calm home where he will be given space when needed and time to adjust. This young Staffy loves a cuddle and needs a home where someone will allow him to choose when. We will not place him with small children or otehr pets as this will add to any pressures. Due to Ollie being scared we haven't put him under further assessments and at present he is doing very well and loving his attention and fuss times. We have worked hard to get him out of kennels for walking but being so nervous he at present feels much safer in his kennel environment  We often see cases like Ollie and our aim is always to find him the love and TLC with a very special individual. A forgotten past is our aim and a very bright future. More details will be available very soon on Ollie's progress. Watch this space.
We are a small charity who pay no staff and exists completely on volunteers. Anyone wishing to discuss Ollie We take a huge volume of dogs from the stray kennels in Yorkshire and are huge flag flyers for the Stafford breed.  We welcome phone calls about our charity and our dogs after 6 O'clock and emails about yourself and lifestyle. We would love to hear from you Stafford loving individuals out there. As always we have a huge volume of Staffies and Staffy cross breeds in our care from the local stray kennels. We remain passionate about the welfare of strays dogs in Yorkshire and we focus always on the positive despite such difficult cases at times.
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