IVY - Gorgeous Staffy cross. Happy girl.





Good with other dogs:

Good with children:

Good with cats:

8 Years



Yes (part of adoption)

Yes (best as only girl)

6 Years Plus


Ivy is gorgeous and 100% delicious. Bias as we may be this lady has won our hearts. Ivy is fully health checked by our vet and has completed her vaccinations. This happy lady loves to dance at the front of her kennels and is so endearing. We love her. We have had many dancing Queen Staffies at Good Life and this lady is a champion. Staffies love attention and crave love. Ivy is typical of her breed and is happiest in your arms giving you a face wash. Ivy is 8 years old and is very fit and active. She loves her walks and is in her element with the attention from her humans. Sadly she receives little admiring glances and calls of interest despite being a very sweet natured and affectionate dog. A typical 
Staffy who hogs the centre stage for sure. Kennel life is not ideal for any of our ladies and gents and once assessments, vaccines and health checks are complete homes are needed as a priority. Ivy is accepting of other dogs at the kennels however we feel a home as the only lady is best suited. Loving homes are in short supply and as always we remain very hands on and active in helping the less likely Staffies to find the love they need. We take a huge volume of bull breeds from the Yorkshire stray kennels and our aim is to find them the love and care they deserve. We found Ivy at the stray kennels where she had waited many months. If this sweetheart the one for you?
Ivy is extremely friendly and loving. A home where she will be cherished, walked and have five star home comforts is our aim for ll our dogs. A home with company and where our dogs will not be left for extremely long hours is 
essential. Most of our dogs have struggled with abandonment and our focus is for them to be happy and no longer alone. Although Ivy is 8 years old please note this is not old for a staffy. This lady loves her walks and is fit and healthy. Many Staffies can live to be 14 years plus. They are sturdy, robust and hardly little hounds. Ivy will need a home that love going for walks as well as having a cuddle of the sofa. The odd bickie, an afternoon snooze and the odd TV film wouldn't go a miss either. Ivy could be left for a few hours and be quite happy. Appointments are needed to meet our rescue dogs. Please consider adoption today.

Good Life dog Rescue is run entirely on volunteers. We have no staff and all our efforts are made to raise funds to support stray dogs in need in Yorkshire. We are dedicated to the welfare of abandoned dogs and help many find the good life and a brighter future. Support is everything to us please adopt a rescue dog and consider the homeless dogs in Yorkshire. We help many homeless hounds and fly a flag high for the dogs who have no voice. These dogs are often the last to find a home or a rescue place. If you feel you are the home for Ivy then please be in touch and fill in an online application. We welcome phone calls all weekend and after 6 o'clock weekdays. Please leave a contact number so we are able to return your call. More details about the home you can offer is essential for adoption of the rescue dogs. We work hard to match humans and hounds so a happy life can be had together for both.
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