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HOPEFUL RITA - Very loving
Staffy cross





Good with other dogs:

Good with children:

Good with cats:

Approx 2-3 Years



Part of adoption


Older children/Adult


beautiful rita.jpg

This beautiful girl is a young Stafford cross. She came into kennels as a stray unwanted girl that had sadly been on the run for days. A special trapping team eventually captured Rita who was coming back to the same place for food. Despite her trauma Rita is one stunning and very loving young dog. This lady is gorgeous yet remains constantly overlooked. She has a wonderful nature and is adorable. She is energetic and can be strong initially but soon calms own on her woodland adventures. Rita has truly blossomed into a special dog in our care and we all have a huge soft spot for her. She is extremely pretty and despite her sorrow past life Rita is an absolute dream girl. WE ADORE HER. Rita is always overlooked and has waited nearly six months o find a home. She has had three great meet and greets but sadly no adoption. WE JUST DO NOT KNOW WHY. This lady is so loving. Hopeful Rita loves a fuss and is so happy and excited to be going out on adventures. This girl is a really special dog and has shown us all yet again how resilient these unwanted, abandoned and stray dogs can be. Rita is now loving her life and we would like nothing better for her to find someone extremely special and the home comforts she deserves. We feel in the right home Rita will continue to grow and bond so well with her adopters just has she has with us. Dogs like "Hopeful Rita" deserve a chance in life and need a special someone prepared to let them shine. Rita has been accepting of other dogs and has said hellos nicely to some of our other friendly dogs at the kennels. She shows no issues with other dogs at all and ticks so many boxes for Staffy fans. We cannot understand why this Brindle beauty remains in kennels as a homeless dog. DO YOU HAVE LOVE FOR RITA? Rita is sadly overlooked and as often is the case she is overlooked for the smaller more trational bull breeds and the cute and fluffier in life. THIS GIRL IS VERY SPECIAL AND SUCH A LOVING DOG. CUTE AND FLUFFY SHE MAY NOT BE BUT HOPEFUL AND ADORABLE SHE IS.


Rita needs a home that will allow her to settle in and not put too many pressures on her. This is the same for all rescue dogs. Rita loves a sofa and a knee cuddle and enjoys being in the cabin with people. Some guidance lead training will be perfect so she understands that there is never a hurry to get into those woods. Rita enjoys a love and we are hoping to find her a massive Stafford fan that enjoy walking and having the company of such a lovely loyal companion. Rita loves the cabin at kennels which is designed as a front room so she would enjoy being in a home. She beams with joy and happiness and was elated to be lapping up attention. Although she has been great with other dogs we would prefer to see Rita as the apple of your eye and lapping up all attention on her if possible. She has been through so much and she really does deserve home comforts galore and someone that will love her this time around. A perfect home for Rita would be with lots of company and someone who has time and patience and does love to go walking. Stafford lovers will adore this girl who is extremely pretty and so deserving of a life worth living with some love on tap. Rita's home is now long overdue. SHE IS ALWAYS OVERLOOKED DESPITE BEING SUCH A FABULOUS DOG. SHE NEEDS A FOREVER LOVE.......IS THAT YOU? Rehoming is very slow. A sad fact is that when dogs remain in kennels people often think that there is something wrong with these homeless dogs. This is not the case. Please consider adoption. Open up your hearts and homes.
We have many dogs looking for a new forever home and so many dogs that are all deserving of a new start. We are dedicated to helping stray and abandoned dogs in Yorkshire. By adopting a dog from us you will be freeing up a much needed kennel for another stray dog needing a rescue place. Support is crucial to us and we are a small rescue. We are always passionate about the welfare of stray dogs in Yorkshire and our passion is what keeps us going. We have no staff at Good life and we exist with very little. We are always happy to answer any questions on our dogs and invite people to come and meet our homeless hounds via appointments. Good Life Dog Rescue are huge flag flyers for the Staffies. The stray kennels are bursting with these forgotten dogs who receive such bad publicity. Despite many misconceptions this breed is extremely loving, loyal and reliable. Contact us for any more details today and with information about yourself and your lifestyle. Fly a flag for the stray and abandoned staffies in Yorkshire and offer adoption support. Please click our adopt me button and fill in an online form. Calls are also welcome. Please remember to leave a voice message.
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