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This sweet Staffy cross has come into our care from a horrendous situation which we sadly will refrain from posting on our website. More details are available from people who are interested in helping and adopting this poor girl. This little girl is a crumpled dog with a dampened spirit and lost soul. Minnie is approx 6-8 months old. She is malnourished and underweight. Minnie will be receiving extra meals however the damage on the outside is easily correctable. The abuse and neglect within is not as easy to fix for this little lady. Minnie suffers from severe separation anxiety. Due to this she needs someone that not only can offer TLC but lots of company all day. Minnie loves cuddles and people and is desperate and needy. This is not surprising after her past ordeals. This sweet girl went into temporary foster on arrival due to causing damage to herself when left alone. Minnie screams and would hurt herself if left without her humans. This puppy has been brilliant with other dogs however now in another foster with other dogs is still very anxious and needing of humans. Company of other hounds will not fix the separation anxiety problem and may even add extra pressures on this sweetheart and the other dogs in the household. Due to this we are working flat out to find her a new start as an only dog. In the last few days Minnie has been in two foster homes. This is not ideal and will just cause more stress for her. We seek to find her a permanent home where she will receive love and security. Our puppy also has come into care unable to weight bear on one of her back legs. Although she has been seen by our vet we feel if this doesn't improve in the next few days she will need an Xray. We are a Yorkshire based charity and are desperate to find Minnie a home locally where she will still be able to see our vet and supported by us and where we can still offer hands on help and support if needed. Please read on if you are that special rescue human that can offer Minnie the love she needs.

Minnie is without doubt a rescue dog in desperate need if ever there was. She has suffered terrible neglect and abuse and received little in food and home comforts. Due to her past life and ordeals we aim to find her the perfect adopter with stamina and dedication that will always put her welfare first. We absolutely love this puppy who is so loving and sweet natured and forgiving to humans despite being dealt a very bad card in life at the hands of a human. Minnie needs a home and someone who works permanently from home. Anyone that could possibly have to go back to working away from home in the future will not be suitable. A home without constant company is not suitable as this youngster would struggle terribly if left. Minnie could live with a nice natured calm castrated male dog however we feel a home possibly as the only girl would be key due to her needy and desperation for company of people. Minnie could live with older children and will need a garden and someone active enough to walk her once her leg injury has been corrected. Anyone that has lost and loved a rescue dog before we appeal to you. Are you the person who can dedicate time to Minnie and never give up on her  separation issues? Minnie has so much to give and with the right human TLC and commitment she will improve from the crumpled little dog that lies before us. Support is extremely important to our charity and Minnie is one special dog in need. Please call 07843 151819 to discuss further. Help and support for Minnies leg injury will be supported by our charity. 
We have many dogs looking for a new forever home and so many dogs that are all deserving of a new start. We are dedicated to helping stray and abandoned dogs in Yorkshire. By adopting a dog from us you will be freeing up a much needed kennel for another stray dog needing a rescue place. Support is crucial to us and we are a small rescue. We are always passionate about the welfare of stray dogs in Yorkshire and our passion is what keeps us going. we have no staff at Good life and exists with very little. We are always happy to answer any questions on our dogs and invite people to come and meet our homeless hounds via appointments. Good Life Dog Rescue are huge flag flyers for the Staffies. The stray kennels are bursting with these forgotten dogs who receive such bad publicity. Despite many misconceptions this breed is extremely loving, loyal and reliable. Contact us for any more details today and with information about yourself and your lifestyle. Fly a flag for the stray and abandoned staffies in Yorkshire and offer adoption support. Please click our adopt me button and fill in an online form. Calls are also welcome. Please remember to leave a voice message.
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