HEIDI - Gorgeous
Staffy youngster. ON TRIAL.





Good with other dogs:

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Approx 2 Years



Part of adoption 

Yes (more details)

Older children


Heidi is a delight. We found this amazing young Staffy cross at the local stray kennels in Yorkshire. We regularly visit the pounds in order to help the dogs like this little girl. Our new girl is extremely affectionate and sadly we found her hiding in the back of her kennel at the pound. Initially Heidi was very shy and nervous. This is understandable for these abandoned and stray dogs who have struggled and been through so much. Kennels can be very stressful and frightening for any dog. Heidi is also very underweight and clearly has not had the best life and certainly not a loving home. She is now on three meals a day and has already started putting weight on. She also has a poor coat which is now being treated now in our care. We adore her and she is one very pretty and loving young dog. This lady is now coming on leaps and bounds and adores her walks and her people interactions. She can be vocal around other dogs and so very eager to say hello. Heidi is mixing well with other hounds and will benefit from more continued training and guidance in her new home. She is so enthusiastic and just loves to be out with her walkers saying hi to everything human and hound. This girl has so much to offer and deserves a new start to a very young life.
Heidi will soon be looking for a new start and some long overdue home comforts with an adopter that will allow her to shine. This youngster deserves to be cherished. Heidi is due more assessments this weekend, however we feel a home with older children is best suited. Dogs need time to settle in a home environment and a quieter less busy home can be easier for a dog to settle in. We have no past details on most of our dogs lives due to them coming into our care from the stray pounds. They do receive assessments once in our care. Heidi is very loving and needs an active home. She is not for the couch potatoes in life as she needs energy burn offs and regular exercise. Heidi has been very good with other dogs when out and about although is very enthusiastic and boisterous. This youngster loves people and company so a home where she will not be left for long hours would be more suitable. Heidi has been through so much yet remains a very special rescue dog who is more than deserving of a brighter life and a happy ever after.
We have many dogs looking for a new forever home and so many dogs that are all deserving of a new start. We are dedicated to helping stray and abandoned dogs in Yorkshire. By adopting a dog from us you will be freeing up a much needed kennel for another stray dog needing a rescue place. Support is crucial to us and we are a small rescue. We are always passionate about the welfare of stray dogs in Yorkshire and our passion is what keeps us going. We are always happy to answer any questions on our dogs and invite people to come and meet our homeless hounds via appointments. Good Life Dog Rescue are huge flag flyers for the Staffies. The stray kennels are bursting with these forgotten dogs who receive such bad publicity. Despite many misconceptions this breed is extremely loving, loyal and reliable. Contact us for any more details today and with information about yourself and your lifestyle. Fly a flag for the stray and abandoned staffies in Yorkshire and offer adoption support. Please click our adopt me button and fill in an online form.
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